Sao Memory Defrag Mod APK 3.0.2 (One hit)

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Download Download SAO: Memory Defrag Mod APK – Latest version – Free for Android if you’re a fan of the popular anime. Play as your favorite character now in a vast world!

Sao Memory Defrag Mod APK 3.0.2 (One hit)
Name Sao Memory Defrag
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 3.0.2
Size 951.43 Mb
MOD One hit
Category Role Playing
Developer BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link com.bandainamcoent.saomdna
MOD Features +

Menu Mod V1

  1. Null Enemy Attack (No damage, No guard down, No flinch)
  2. Massive Player Attack
  3. Unlimited MP

Menu Mod V2

  1. One hit very high dmg
  2. God mode your char take 0 dmg
  3. Unlimited mp
  4. No skill cd
  5. Auto win active mod before enter the stage
  6. No mp cost
  7. Don’t abuse mod
  8. Turn off mod in rank



Sword Art Online is one of the most popular anime today. It has spawned countless of sequels and even mobile games. Millions of fans around the world are still talking about this legendary anime. If you’re one of the fans, then you’ll love this game!


SAO: Memory Defrag is an anime RPG game created by Bandai Namco Entertainment. With over a million downloads in Google Play Store, it’s clear that this one is popular. Here, you can experience the epic story all over again! But this time, you’re going to be the main character. Here, you can choose from the popular characters such as Kirito, Sinon, Yuna and more! Upgrade them and fight tons of monsters and even players worldwide.

Go into a Fantasy World

Anime shows always have a charm that lets kids and kids at heart enjoy them. There are tons of anime shows being released each season and it’s just a wonderful thing for fans. One of the most memorable anime shows is Sword Art Online. This popular show has spawned countless sequels and even games!


SAO: Memory Defrag is an anime RPG game that takes you into the fantasy world of SAO. Here, you’ll relive the adventure all over again as you fight tons of monsters and other players. You can choose your character from hundreds of them from the show. You can also equip them with unique weapons and items to bolster their offensive prowess. Aside from that, you will enjoy the intuitive gameplay of this one complete with the vivid 2D graphics!


Features of SAO: Memory Defrag

SAO: Memory Defrag is an anime RPG game that takes you into the action-packed world of SAO. Here, there are monsters that you can kill to get rewards! Here are its features:


Anime-inspired story – If you’re not familiar with the story of SAO, it starts off as plenty of people get stuck in a game they were playing. With no visible way out, they must fight monsters and clear the 100 floors of Aincrad to get out of the game. This is the premise as well in SAO: Memory Defrag. Inspired by the anime and manga, you can relive the colorful story of this popular franchise. Here, you’ll meet recognizable characters and items as well as monsters. Can you complete the levels and become the best player?

Hundreds of characters – The characters of a show are what most people would remember. In SAO: Memory Defrag, you can play hundreds of characters straight from the franchise! There are beloved and popular ones such as Kirito, Yuna, Asuna, Sinon, Llenn and more! Each of these characters shave their own unique attribute. This lets you conquer different types of monsters and levels. But most importantly, you can upgrade your stats to make your character more powerful. You can also collect weapons and equipment to help you battle monsters!


Multiplayer – Aside from the main story campaign, you can also battle monsters with your friends in this game! Party up with your friends and become a healer, attacker, or other roles in this game. You can join a guild and complete quests to receive rewards. That’s how it is in the anime and the same is through in this game! Now, you don’t have to go at it solo.


Enjoyable graphics – Of course, the graphics of SAO: Memory Defrag is as enjoyable as other MMO RPGs. Here, the developers remained faithful to the anime as the character designs are virtually the same! Not only that but the surroundings and enemies are faithfully recreated.

Exciting Controls – The controls are interesting in here as well. You can easily attack enemies by just tapping at the screen.

Download SAO: Memory Defrag Mod APK – One hit, God mode, ...

SAO: Memory Defrag is an awesome game that allows you to relive the famous franchise! Download the latest version and conquer the levels now.

Download Sao Memory Defrag [951.43 Mb]


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