Racing in Car 2 APK 1.7

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Do you love driving cars and racing games? Try Racing in Car 2 today and drive through the streets with different cars. Avoid other cars and enjoy the game!

Racing in Car 2 APK 1.7
Name Racing in Car 2
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Last version 1.7
Size 100.62 Mb
Category Racing
Developer Fast Free Games
Price Free
Google Play Link com.ffgames.racingincar2

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Cars are one of the best inventions there is since they can transport a lot of people in different locations quickly. Because of technology, there are now billions of cars on the streets and the number will only grow over the years. Since cars have become popular, so did car racing games today. But if you’re tired of the usual racing games, try Racing in Car 2 and see the difference.

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Instead of racing with other cars on a race track, you’ll drive a car on the streets in this game. This means that there will be heavy traffic and you’ll need to weave through it to gain rewards. There will be plenty of cars on the road so make sure you overtake them to avoid collision. Unlock many cars now!

Race Through Traffic

You can’t go through different places quickly today without taking a vehicle. These feats of engineering make it extremely easy and convenient to go to different places today. Back then, we used to walk everywhere or take the horses to ride. But now, we have these incredible vehicles that can transport us to any place we want without any hassle. Because of this, there are many car games that you can enjoy today to fill your boredom.

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But if you’re tired of these same car games, try something new such as Racing in Car 2. Instead of racing in a track, you’ll drive in the streets in this game with your car. You don’t have to race anyone but you’ll need to overtake many cars as they pop up. This is an endless game that you can enjoy with the cockpit view unlike most racing games today. Moreover, you have the opportunity to unlock many cars and locations in here.

Enjoy a realistic car game experience where you will take the steering wheel to avoid collisions. Get insanely good at dodging and receive many wonderful rewards!

Racing in Car 2 Features

Do you enjoy driving cars whether for work or for personal purposes? In Racing in Car 2, you can go at maximum speeds in highways.

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Go Through Traffic – Cars are always fun to drive as they provide the ultimate joy ride for people. With these by our side, we can go anywhere, anytime we want with our family and friends. We’re also protected from the elements such as the heat, rain and even thunder. If you love driving, then it’s only natural that you’ve played a ton of racing games today. Yet, if you’re craving for something extraordinary, try Racing in Car 2.

In this fun car game, you’ll race in the highways filled with other cars. The game simulates real highways so you should see many vehicles on the road. The goal here is to not hit any vehicle and to go as fast and as far as you can. Since there isn’t a finish line, you can just enjoy driving until you hit something or you get tired. With this, you can get many rewards and you can beat your high scores!

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A Realistic Car Simulation – Racing in Car 2 provides the best car simulation ever. It allows you to drive in the first-person view. This means that you’ll be able to see the steering wheel, the gauge clusters, radio, and the mirrors in the car. You’ll also enjoy the realistic view you’ll get from driving in the driver’s seat. Also, the controls are as realistic as possible in this game.

You can access the accelerator on the right side and the brake on the left side. Then, you can freely control the steering wheel however you wish. There’s also a headlight control in the game! Most importantly, you can change control schemes in the settings if you want a more customized experience.

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Earn Rewards by Overtaking – In this game, you can also earn rewards just by overtaking cars. However, it has to be a close encounter otherwise you won’t get the extra points. But in this game, you’ll earn more in the game when you go as far as you can go. There’s no finish line in the game so your score is dependent on how far you can go in one drive without any accidents.

Unlock many cars and locations – Unlock many fast cars so you can get more speeds in the game. In here, there are many cars you can drive and each of them have different mechanics and specs. Moreover, you can unlock new locations so you won’t be bored when driving.

Download Racing in Car 2 APK

Have fun driving endlessly today in Racing in Car 2! Get as far away as you can and earn rewards.

Download Racing in Car 2 [100.62 Mb]


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