Monster Legends Mod APK 12.4.2 (Unlimited everything)

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Download Monster Legends Mod APK Latest Version free for Android. Collect, train and battle different monsters in this fun and addicting arena game.

Monster Legends Mod APK 12.4.2 (Unlimited everything)
Nome Monster Legends
Compatível com Android 4.1+
Última versão 12.4.2
Tamanho 114.23 Mb
MOD Unlimited everything
Categoria Strategy
Desenvolvedor Socialpoint
Preço Free
Link para o Google Play es.socialpoint.MonsterLegends
Destaques do MOD +
  • Always win with 3 stars

Note: If you lost, the game would auto-reloading


Collect and battle a multitude of different mythical creatures. Use their powers to conquer your competition.

Team up with friends, raise up your units from wimpy statuses, to complete savages. Download Monster Legends for Android.

Monster Legends Features

There are tons of different aspects involved in the training and battling of these different monsters. With all of the different features, anyone is sure to be kept busy for hours on end when playing. That being said, check out the different Monster Legends characteristics and benefits:


Collect and Breed Different Monsters:

  • There are more than 700 different monsters to collect. In addition, more creatures are constantly added to keep the game fresh and relevant. Each monster contains an element and rarity to determine just how good it is. Aim for the top dogs – Mythics.
  • You can breed various combinations of element and rarities to get some interesting results.
  • Follow the limited time events to also earn special and unique creatures compared to others.

Fun & Strategic Gameplay:

  • Most monsters can be ranked into even powerful versions of themselves in the Monster Lab. Level up and prepare your collection for future battles to come.
  • Runes and Relics can be equipped to your different units to make them even more powerful. Organize the perfect composition of teammates.
  • As such, team composition plays a huge part in battles. Create unique team with a balance of attackers, healer, and tanks.

Online Multiplayer:

  • Check out the Live Duels Mode to use different monster teams that you don’t yet own. Here, you can test and formulate many different strategies for future teams.
  • Additionally, you can head out to all out PvP battles against players from all over. Each season rewards the top players. So, work your hardest to place your position and earn big!
  • Join a team of other players. Create strategies together in the Team Chat. In addition, you can join in Team Wars to compete with others and even buy exclusive monsters at the Team shop.
  • You can also take a break from the hardcore and stressful fights. Just have a friendly match with your friends using the Friendly Live Battle Mode.

Create Habitats for Monsters:

  • Build up a special home for all of your monsters to thrive. These places will be their sanctuary, which you’ll need to fill with many different resources.
  • To this extent, there are many important areas that you will also need from your monster paradise. These different places can help build your monsters in strength and usefulness in battle.


Monster Legends is displayed in 2D, boasting some unique art styles. Each monster is exploding with personality. As such, their respective ranks and elements really show off extra layers of personality to each. Furthermore, each of these creatures feels like they could be a realistic animal you’d see in the real world, to an extent.

Your Paradise is displayed from a bird’s eye 2D perspective. This is quite common for management games, which takes up about half of this game.

Monster Legends Mod APK Free Download

The Monster Legends Mod APK new version offers you with a few quick solutions to common issues. A lack of gems to obtain rarer resources and content is always annoying. As such, this problem is solved with the modified APK.

  • Access Monster Legends Mod APK unlimited gems and food
  • Also, Monster Legends Mod APK unlimited everything, in terms of resources.

With these aspects included, why would you go back to the original download? You can always get the basic APK, if you don’t want to get a headstart in the system. Either way, both versions are welcomed additions to your Android.

Baixar Monster Legends [114.23 Mb]
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