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Fury Survivor: Pixel Z Mod APK 1.062


Informação sobre Fury Survivor: Pixel Z Mod APK 1.062

NomeFury Survivor: Pixel Z
Compatível com4.4
Última versão1.062
DesenvolvedorLeiting Games
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Categoria RPG
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DESCRIÇÃO Fury Survivor: Pixel Z

Fury Suvivor: Pixel Z is a zombie slash and dashing game having RPG elements. You will use an extensive range of weapons right from baseball bats through to assault rifles when you complete many different missions as the last survivor on the Earth. You are guaranteed to have lots of fun in this game. The combat of Fury Survivor is insanely fun and you will feel the crunch of weapons and head popping when you blast away your enemies with riffles. It is a linear affair where you need to follow a straight way through many levels as you go and track zombies, bosses, and elite enemies.

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