Flipper Dunk APK 1.27

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Download Flipper Dunk apk to get the hardest basketball game there is on mobile. Can you flip the ball up into the net without missing? Let’s find out.

Flipper Dunk APK 1.27
Nome Flipper Dunk
Compatível com Android 5.0+
Última versão 1.27
Tamanho 41.02 Mb
Categoria Casual
Desenvolvedor Rollic Games
Preço Free
Link para o Google Play com.duellogames.FlipperDunk
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Flipper Dunk is a simple and yet very addictive game. Your goal is very simple – you just flip the ball up in the air and try to get it into the net. You do this by flipping the ball up in the air to get it into the basket. This might sound simple, but it can be very challenging.

Become the master

There are hundreds of levels to go through and you’ll get a certain amount of balls to use in each one. You can keep playing the game to hone your skills until you’ve figured out the physics of the flip machine. Then you can improve your accuracy. If you miss the basket, the ball will roll back down and you’ll get another chance to flip it up again. But don’t rush – otherwise you might flip too hard and it’ll fall down. If you love simple and repetitive games with a clear task and measurable improvement, then you’ll certainly enjoy Flipper Dunk on mobile.

Download Flipper Dunk APK Free Now

Download the Flipper Dunk APK to get some benefits when playing that will make the game more interesting. It’s totally free and you’ll be addicted in no time! Good luck.

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