Epic Seven APK 1.0.398

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Download Epic Seven APK Latest Version free for Android. One of, if not the best hero collector game available for mobile devices now.

Epic Seven APK 1.0.398
Nome Epic Seven
Compatível com Android 4.4+
Última versão 1.0.398
Tamanho 59.96 Mb
Categoria Role Playing
Desenvolvedor Smilegate Megaport
Preço Free
Link para o Google Play com.stove.epic7.google
Destaques do MOD +


Create a squad of powerful heroes and fight through countless enemies, both AI and other players. Introducing – Epic Seven for Android.

This is a seemingly free to play, hero collector gacha game. Meaning, there is an RNG (random number generator) system in place for collecting characters. No matter, try your best and test your luck. Can you get the rarest pulls?


Top Features of Epic Seven

  • A super-engaging story that anyone can comfortably get into.
  • Fully animated and beautiful 2D graphics
  • Fight in various raid at the end of in-depth labyrinths
  • Fight other players from all around the world, in the active PvP mode.
  • Join a guilde and fight in 3v3 wars

These are just a few features that scratch the surface of the game.

New Player Experience

Epic Seven gives new players a lot more freedom, when it comes to gameplay and starting from the beginning.


Most of these games will not only hold your hand through gameplay, but also force you to take specific actions through the tutorial. Meaning, you will need to level up a specific character or piece of gear. In these instances, you wouldn’t normally be able to make a decision as to what character or even whether you want to level or not.

The aforementioned leaves a lot of desired freedom. And that’s where Epic seven breaks the norm. After the first tutorial section, you are free to do whatever you want, while going through the rest of the section.


The graphics are probably one of the greatest highlights of the Epic Seven game. Not only does the game look amazing, but the animations are just a stunning!

Everything is portrayed in a heavily stylized 2D art. Each character is exploding with life and personality. The character designs are interesting and special compared to most of these hero collector games.


That’s not all, but each character has their own special character art to enjoy. The character art is slightly animated in loop. But that isn’t where the animation shines most. In fact, the gameplay takes a huge turn for animated gameplay on mobile. Every attack is specially animated according to each character.

Unleashing special attacks gives off some of the craziest animations you’ve ever seen on a mobile game. The anime style does this mobile game a lot of justice. Everything looks so cool and natural for the genre.

Epic Seven for Android is definitely in the top tier of graphics for a mobile hero collector and gacha game. So, as a whole, we would give the graphics & animation a solid 10/10.

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