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Information of Project QT Mod APK 8.0

NameProject QT
Compatible withAndroid 5.0+
Latest version8.0
Size52 MB
Category Action

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Project QT is the latest game from developer Nutaku, a leading studio for Adult-orientated games for Android and other platforms. This newest title includes stylized RPG combat, lots of different characters to unlock and upgrade, and of course, the trademark Nutaku adult-friendly content. The main storyline is pretty crazy (there’s a blackhole in the Arctic which explodes and unleashes hundreds of sexy monster girls on the planet) and the gameplay is addictive. This is Project QT.

download-project-qt-for-androidAs a leader in Project QT, it’s your task to recruit an army of girls who are willing to do anything for you. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses, and the ideal composition will be made up of plenty of pretty girls. The game is made up of lots of different mechanics, including old-school turn-based RPG combat and puzzle levels. You’ll notice huge changes to your girls as you level them up, so get to it, and download the Project QT apk mod today.

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A Guide to Project QT – Get the Most Out of Your Girls

Project QT was released in 2019 and since its release date there has been a range of updates to the game, including balance issues with the different powerful (and adorable) girls. There are quite a few different challenging mechanics in Project QT, it really isn’t all about the girls, and short guide should give you a headstart into the world of combat, puzzles and girls.


Starting Off in Project QT

Straight off out of the tutorial and your AP bar will be maxed out. It’s time to delve into the storyline. As you progress you unlock many H-scenes, there are over 50 in the game at the time of writing, which gives you motivation to keep playing and find out more about your girls. And there is quite a lot to understand – these aren’t just sexy girls, they also have lots of different strengths and weaknesses, from elemental power to level-scaling.


Acing the Different Missions

As you progress through the storyline of Project QT it’s very important to max out your star level. The more stars you unlock, the more extra upgradables and essential items you’ll be able to gain. This could be the all-important seduction items, as well as more coins and unlocks to boost the progression of your girls. There are different requirements for each level so make sure to check you’re hitting all the goals!


Level Up Fast in Project QT

Levelling up fast relies on completing the story stages and making sure to cover your Daily Quests every day. If you finish your dailies you’ll earn 850 experience points. This is a huge boost to your leveling speed! Then you’ll need to cover the basics of farming, sweeping levels, and optimizing your girl’s loadout. New players have access to newbie missions which offer a week of unique tasks – this is the perfect way to head towards level 30.


Preserve Your Gems!

Gems are extremely important, and like any other Android game on the market, this will cost you money. If you save your gems up during the early levels, by the time you’re level 30 you may have enough to purchase some seriously good upgrades. It’s important to select which girls you’re going to use early on so you can focus on their levels. VIP reward systems and other rewards can be gained from completing daily quests, clearing missions, and completing other objectives.

Project QT Mod APK – Unlock all, one hit kill, Infinite HP…

Do you want mod in Project QT? Want unlimited money to kit out your girls with the best gear? Download the Project QT Mod APK for Android now.


Mod Features:

  1. Unlock all 1-5 stars character image (even unsummoned one)
  2. One hit kill
  3. Infinite HP
  4. One turn skill cooldown
  5. Continous Combo
  6. Pvp arena still same as normal
    - New highest combo and damage record won't be saved
    - No On/Off toggle (Auto on)

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