Plants vs Zombies 2 Mod APK 11.5.1 (MOD, Unlimited Coins/Gems/Suns)

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Download Plants vs Zombies 2 MOD APK – latest version – free for Android and test your zombie fighting skills using plants! Can you defend your house from the undead?

Plants vs Zombies 2 Mod APK 11.5.1 (MOD, Unlimited Coins/Gems/Suns)
Name Plants vs Zombies 2
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 11.5.1
Size 883.32 Mb
Category Casual
Price Free
Google Play Link

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When the first Plants vs. Zombies game was first released in 2009, everyone immediately joined the hype. The game’s premise was simple – defend your house against hordes of zombies using only plants! If you didn’t know this game, you’d think that this was a joke just reading this sentence. However, once you’ve played it, you’d understand why there’s so much noise for this game.


A decade later and the franchise is still going strong and is now available on mobile. After much success, they recently released Plants vs. Zombies 2 which is the installment to the series. In this game, the zombies are back and they’re stronger than ever! But so are your plants! Get ready for another epic clash as you pave your way to victory! Read on to know more!

What is Plants vs. Zombies 2?

So, just how popular are the Plants vs. Zombies series? It’s so popular that this game has over 10 million downloads in Google Play Store alone! The main goal is still the same – protect your house at all costs against the raging zombies! To do this, you need to fortify your zones with fighting plants.

The storyline is also based from the original version. You must protect your brains because the zombies will try to eat it. But in this game, you suddenly got lost in the past in ancient Egypt. In here, you’ll find 10 keys across the space which will bring you to different kinds of lands. These lands include pirate sea and many more. These will serve as the new arena for your fight against the zombies! Each land has 25 to 38 grueling levels to complete before going into the next one. This makes the game so much more exciting than the previous ones! However, there are more dangerous zombies just lurking around so you need to be careful. Thankfully, the plants have also upgraded and you’ll see many new breeds being developed at your disposal.


But before you can finish the stages, there are certain requirements you need to meet such as not letting the zombies cross the line. Or in some cases, it will prompt you to not plant more than 15 trees. This certainly adds a whole new level of challenge to the series we all love!

Features of Plants vs. Zombies 2

Although Plants vs. Zombies 2 may look similar to the older games, there are more features this time around! One of these are the different landscapes in which you’ll play! Aside from that, here are the features of Plants vs. Zombies 2:

Skill system – Everything in this game is upgraded to the next level. As evidence of this, trees have their own “killer” skills. By playing the game, you will receive the magic clover. These leaves are tonic such as when applied to plants, it will receive impressive skills. Aside from these, there will be support skills that have three types: throw, shock, and freeze. However, these skills can’t be collected as you need to spend the coins as you use each. But the extra power it casts is enough to throw the zombies off their game!


Impressive graphics and sound – Everything we love about Plants vs. Zombies is back in this game. The wacky plants and zombies are back for more action. Everything is well-designed in this game even if it’s just a 2D platform. But what’s worth noting are the brand-new effects that you’ll see when your plants kill off zombies. They do it with style! Aside from that, the accompanying sounds are as well-placed as ever as this sets the mood for the entire game. You’ll be addicted by how everything is well-designed in this game as it should be. For a mobile game, it’s everything you want and more!

New and improve breed of plants and zombies – To make this sequel more exciting, the developers have added more plants and trees in this game. Also, there are more types of zombies so you better memorize all of them! Each of them has their own characteristics and some plants may not be strong enough to defeat them. That’s why you need to strategically place your plants so that you can maximize their powers.


PvP Mode – Aside from those wonderful features, Plants vs. Zombies also has a PvP mode where can put your zombie-killing skill to the test! In this game, you’ll compete against other players in the Arena where the player with the highest score wins! To do this, you need to earn coins, pinatas and more to smash your way to the leaderboards! Go forth and be the best Plants vs. Zombies player in the world!

11 crazy worlds – As mentioned earlier, this game features 11 crazy worlds where you’ll play the game! There are different themes for each world such as Ancient Egypt, Far Future and more! Combine that with over 300 levels and you’re looking at some pretty serious gaming time. At the end of every world, you’ll face your archenemy – Dr. Zomboss! Always bring your A game so that you can defeat this crazy zombie! But most importantly, these 11 worlds will bring you tons of fun and excitement as you’ll be looking forward to playing in each of them.


Easy controls – Of course this game brings back the easy controls that we all love. You just drag and drop to control the plants and everything in between. No need to manually fire as the plant will automatically do that in succession. This is one of those games that are semi-automatic but still requires your high-level of attention for those crazy zombies that will come jumping on your lawn!

Mini games – There are also a lot of mini games that will surely keep you on your feet as you get bored on the main gameplay. Try them out whenever you can so you can take a rest and recharge your plants!

Plants vs. Zombies 2 MOD APK

Want to play Plants vs. Zombies 2 but don’t want to play without money? Download the now and get ready to kill the undead!

Download Plants vs Zombies 2 [883.32 Mb]


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