Pick TV APK 2.1

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Do you want to watch live TV channels? Access a lot of TV channels worldwide now with Pick TV! Just select what channels you want to watch and enjoy.

Pick TV APK 2.1
Name Pick TV
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 2.1
Size 8.63 Mb
Category Entertainment
Developer ATM Infonet Technologies Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link com.picktv.picktv

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There are many channels present all over the world that we can access through cable subscriptions. Before streaming platforms came into existence, we used to rely on cable subscriptions for news, movies, and entertainment. But now that streaming platforms are everywhere; cable subscriptions are becoming obsolete.

If you don’t want to pay for cable anymore, download Pick TV or Pocket TV APK now and enjoy plenty of channels! Here, you can access a lot of channels all over the world today.

pick tv apk free download

You don’t need to pay for a cable subscription when you have this app! Get free access to tons of channels worldwide today, such as Euronews, RT America, NASA TV, News 12, Africa News, The Frist TV, and many more.

The app supports many channels worldwide in 28 languages, including Korean, Japanese, English, Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Bosnian, French, Greek, and more. You can also view all the channels in thumbnail view or with your favorites to easily access them today.

Stream Channels in Pick TV

There are so many channels around the world today that you can access. These channels allow you to watch news, movies, shows, documentaries, and all sorts of things. Using these channels, you can tune in to different channels and access diverse content all on your TV.

But since the internet now exists, cable subscriptions are becoming more irrelevant by the minute. But if you still want to enjoy many channels for free, you can download Pick TV.

download pick tv apk for android

This app features many channels all around the world in one app that you can access freely. Here, you can browse a vast collection of channels that are broadcasted on the internet live. Access channels like Euronews, Newsmax TV, The First TV, Ticker News, Earth TV, HSN, Aljazeera, DD News, and more.

Here, you can watch news, documentaries, and movies as well. You can enjoy various channels in different languages today, such as Bengali, Filipino, English, Korean, Portuguese, Persian, Italian, Hindi, and more.

You can easily stream the channels right in this app. You can also view them in a list or thumbnail view easily. With this, you don’t have to pay for a cable subscription ever again.

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Capabilities of Pick TV

If you’re someone who wants to access many channels today, download Pick TV now and catch the latest news and updates.

Access many channels – If you’re someone who wants to watch movies and news today, there are plenty of streaming apps that offer these. You don’t need to pay for cable subscriptions that only air what they want to air. But sometimes, you still want to watch the news and different channels, so you pay for cable.

But if you want to access many channels today without paying anything, download Pick TV now! This app is capable of broadcasting live channels found all over the internet in one app.

pick tv apk

With this app, you can access all sorts of channels worldwide! There are plenty of them that you can watch today, such as HSN, Newsmax TV, RT America, NASA TV, ABC News, Euronews, Africa News, France 24, News 12, and many more.

Each of these channels has unique categories, and they’re free for all Pick TV users! Now, you don’t need to bother to put up with cable fees monthly with this app.

Supports many languages – This app shows not just channels from America but from all around the world! The app supports channels in over 28 languages so that you can use it no matter your country.

pick tv apk latest version

The supported languages here include Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, English, Bosnian, Filipino, French, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malayalam, Persian, Portuguese, and many more. Access all of the channels now in your native language in the app!

Different views – In this app, you can enjoy different views to view the channels quickly. Here, you can view it in thumbnail mode so you can see many channels at once! The channels will be listed without the names, but you can quickly scroll down and browse the channels.

Then, you can also view them in a list view, which allows you to see them with names. This way, you can see the channels that you can watch today.

picktv apk

Categories – This app freely lists down all the channels that you can watch in various categories today. These categories include news, entertainment, business, sports, education, shopping, religion, and general.

There are so many types of channels to enjoy in this app today! Watch the latest news, gossips and enjoy these channels to your heart’s content now.

Free to use - Pick TV provides free channels for all users worldwide! It can do so because these channels are being broadcasted live on the internet.

Download Pick TV APK

Watch the latest news and gossips on Pick TV now! Access a lot of channels worldwide now for free.

Download Pick TV [8.63 Mb]


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