NordVPN APK 6.5.1

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Download NordVPN APK Latest Version free for Android now. With this application, you can safely protect your IP and internet activity at all times.

NordVPN APK 6.5.1
Name NordVPN
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Last version 6.5.1
Size 69.21 Mb
Category Tools
Developer NordVPN apps
Price Free
Google Play Link

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Download Nord VPN for Android now for the best in VPN protection that you can find online! You’d be crazy to avoid this apportunity.

Important NordVPN Functions

  • Surf the web completely private, away from any intruders’ attention. Regardless if it’s surfing the web, or downloading files and apps, nobody could even dare to track your activity.
  • High-speed internet connections are also a guaranteed function. With the assistance of NordLynx – the personal VPN protocol – super-fast, unbelievable speeds and safe connections are always available for users. What more could you ask for? Well, we’re not done yet…
  • Additionally, one common issue is found with using public Wi-Fi hotspots. This issue is the easy ability for intruders to intercept your browsing and other actions. NordVPN will also guarantee security from these problems. You’ll be safe, the next time you visit your favorite coffee shop.
  • To that extent, any other cyber threats are a thing of the past. The CyberSec feature of NordVPN guarantees all malicious intentions of hackers will be thwarted before they could even surface.
  • Your IP will always remain hidden. Once you’ve connected to a VPN, your location will have completely switched in the blink of your eyes. Think about taking a virtual flight from one country to another, in an instant.
  • Lastly, all sensitive data will be securely guarded. All activity gone through NordVPN will be protected with the tunnels of the apps security. Nobody can even think about trying to access your data.

Noteworthy NordVPN Features

  • The award winning team of NordVPN will always be available to support its customers when needed.
  • Two layers of VPN for the extra security are also I place.
  • There are more than 5500 different international servers for users to enjoy.
  • In addition, users will have unlimited data for their own browsing needs.
  • Not only this, but Nord guarantees the #1 in encryption tech.
  • Also, there are tons of different protocols under the belt of the application to keep users safe and reassured.
  • Even if you forget, there is a VPN auto-connect option to instantly have you going incognito without even knowing it.

And this is just a few of the juicy features offered by NordVPN. There are even more features, when taking the advanced setting into account.

Advanced Features:

  • Custom DNS servers for all users.
  • Easy switching between both TCP and UDP protocols.
  • Also select specific apps you don’t want to be tunneled through the application.
  • Finally, the option to access special servers which have been optimized to fit user needs.

User Interface

All previously mentioned features of NordVPN are super-accessible and easy to locate and use. Thus, there is no worry for any over complications or difficulties when attempting to use the VPN services. In fact, even a child with no prior knowledge of the app can easily access all functions.


In the end Nord VPN is the #1 leading IP and VPN service for reason. The app is definitely no slouch when it comes to accessibility vs quality.

NordVPN APK Free Download

Not only this, but you can get even more access with the Nord VPN Premium APK free download. With this version, you’ll have premium features available from the get-go!

So, take the time to download the NordVPN free premium APK for Android. This is definitely a benefit beyond all others.

There’s no more time to waste. Every second wasted reading is another opportunity for attackers to strike.

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Download NordVPN [69.21 Mb]


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