Mr TV APK 1.3.8 (No ads)

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There are many streaming platforms available now. But Mr TV APK Mod provides a lot of free live channels for you to stream. Here, you can enjoy so many channels.

Mr TV APK 1.3.8 (No ads)
Name Mr TV
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.3.8
Size 35.6 MB
MOD No ads
Category Entertainment
Developer AMTech Info
Price Free
MOD Features +
  1. No ads



Mr. TV APK V- Free Live Channels

We can enjoy so many things today thanks to the internet. There are billions of active users on the internet daily, and they’re doing various things today.

There are many websites and apps that we can access thanks to the internet right now with various devices like computers and smartphones. With such technology, we can also stream movies and shows now. Mr. TV provides a free streaming platform for all.

download mr tv apk for android

Here, you can enjoy live TV channels that you can stream for your smartphone or tablet today. There’s no need to register or pay anything to use the app as it’s free for everyone.

Here, there are many live TV channels available today in different genres like Music, Kids, Movies, Entertainment, News, and Sports. You’re also free to enjoy ready-to-watch movies and shows from Hollywood and Bollywood here. Feel free to stream as much as you want today without paying!

Stream Hollywood and Bollywood Content with Mr. TV

There are so many available movies and shows today that you can watch on different devices. We’re capable of streaming now, thanks to many apps and websites that offer streaming services.

mr tv apk

There are all sorts of fantastic movies and shows today that we can watch on apps like Hulu, Apple+, Disney+, HBO Max, Netflix, and many more. Through these platforms, we’re able to stream whatever we want, when we want to. But with Mr. TV, you don’t need to pay anything to stream movies and shows.


Many apps promise to let users stream movies and show only to ask for payment or to answer surveys before using it. But Mr. TV differs from these scam apps as this one offers you a way to stream without paying.

There’s not even a need to register or to put any of your confidential information here. You need to download the app on this page and start browsing for movies and shows.

mr tv apk download

The app contains tons of live TV channels that allow you to watch sports, news, shows, movies, and many more. Feel free to download it now and enjoy.

Mr. TV Features

If you’re someone who enjoys plenty of movies and shows, then Mr. TV is the best one to download now.

Stream freely – If you enjoy watching movies and shows, many apps can cater to you now. You don’t even need to search for them as they’re everywhere on Google Play Store.

mr tv apk latest version

Select the one you like and pay for the monthly fee associated with it, and you’re free to stream. But if you’re looking for a free way to stream, there are various apps available now. Mr. TV is just one of the few apps that offer a free way to stream.

With this app, you’re free to enjoy so many fantastic free live channels available worldwide right now. There are channels for news, movies, shows, music, kids, entertainment, and many more.


Here, you can also watch the latest movies and shows from Hollywood and Bollywood that are available right now. The UI is responsive and smooth, and you can enjoy so many things to watch here today!

mr tv app

Live TV Channels – There are also live TV channels that are free to watch in this app! Here, you can watch the best live channels like news, music, entertainment, movies, shows, and many more.

The app features international and local TV channels for users to stream right now. All sorts of channels are available like 9X JALWA, Cartoon Network, 9XM, Pogo, Sony Wah, UTV Action, Zee Action, and many more. Feel free to stream these channels as much as you want today!

With Mr. TV, you can also enjoy the latest movies available today like Cruella, Captain America, Dragons, Bhoot Police, and many more. From Bollywood to Hollywood, there’s no shortage of movies to watch here today.

mr tv apk mobile download

Web series – The app also features a free way to stream web series today. There are thousands of shows and episodes that you can stream here right now.

Feel free to browse a wide selection today in various genres like romance, drama, action, comedy, horror, thriller, and many more.

Download Mr TV APK – Latest version

If you want to stream live TV channels for free, download Mr. TV now and enjoy all the free channels and movies.

Download Mr TV [35.6 MB]


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