Monster Harem Mod APK 1.3.1090

Download Monster Harem mod APK – latest version – for android to jump into a world of thrills, monsters, and addictive dungeon-crawling gameplay with H-rated scenes!


Information of Monster Harem Mod APK 1.3.1090

NameMonster Harem
Compatible withAndroid 5.0+
Latest version1.3.1090
Category Adventure
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Nutaku is a famous developer of adult mobile games, and Monster Harem is one of their latest titles to hit the shelves. If you’re a fan of monster ladies, dungeon crawling and a developed combat system, this addictive game provides everything you need with 19 different girls and almost 30 H-rated scenes. Plus, this experience isn’t over quickly, as there are over 150 unique dungeons to crawl your way through, with plenty of rewards and satisfaction along the way. These complex dungeons are like intricate mazes, and you can be assured there are prizes at the end of every level…


As you progress through the game you can level up your girls and unlock new abilities and scenes, and each girl has a unique upgrade tree which puts some strategy into picking the right team for the dungeon. You should also keep your team composition in mind, and while you might be tempted to build a team of the sexiest girls, you should consider their abilities and skills if you want to conquer all the dungeons! As well as the single player campaign, there are also PVP leaderboards and arena fights – got what it takes to climb to the top? Your girls will help!

Best Features of Monster Harem

Everyone in the know knows Nutaku is the leading developer of excellent Adult games for multiple platforms, including Android. Monster Harem is one of their newest titles and comes fully fleshed out with plenty of gameplay mechanics alongside H-rated sexy scenes, this time animated with full audio! But this is more than just an adult game, it also has a thought-out combat and dungeon crawling system which requires strategic thought, invested time, and plenty of skill. Learning the ins-and-outs of your girls (in more ways than one) is very rewarding, and the game has lots of great features that make the journey to completion very exciting. Here’s a rundown of the best features of Monster Harem and why you should download it today.


19 Different Girls, Plenty of Hot Scenes

Nutaku games are well known for their hot girls and well-written adult scenes. While some games just provide you with some faceless thrills, Monster Harem offers up 19 different girls, each with their own unique personalities, styles and traits. You can balance combat strength and talents with the girl’s attractiveness to build the powerful Monster Harem of your dreams. Keep the girls happy, and complete dungeon levels, to get access to one of the 28 H-rated scenes which are fully rendered and available with full audio.

Over 150 Dungeon Levels And Mazes

Beyond the sexiness of your Monster Harem, there are also over 150 different dungeons to explore and complete. These are structured like classic dungeon crawler levels with different puzzles, enemies and mazes to work your way through. Some dungeons might require one or two runs, especially as you reach the later levels. The difficulty definitely scales well and this encourages you to take time perfecting your team of girls – different girls will give you unique benefits on the battlefield, with some boosting combat, perception, and how much loot you’ll receive from successfully conquering a dungeon.


Level Up Your Girl’s Powerful Abilities

The main aim of Monster Harem is to establish a super-powerful team of monster girls who are ready to kick ass for you. All these girls have unique appearances, abilities, and hot scenes waiting for you. This also means that each girl can be upgraded in different ways and you may have to make sacrifices to your team to improve the core unit. As well as their prowess in single player runs, your girls will have to stand up against other teams of hot girls in the intense PVP combat arena. What might work in conquering dungeons might not work so well against other girls, so you may have to change up your team when you go against other real players.

Hot Scenes, Fully Rendered and With Audio

Nutaku is known for its hot animated scenes, and there are plenty in Monster Harem. Just for downloading the game you’ll get your first glance at one of the monster girls, and as you progress through the game you’ll be able to enjoy lots of other scenes. Each scene is fully rendered to high quality and features fitting audio, and there are almost 30 of them available in the game. These are unlocked by completing dungeon runs or leveling up your girl’s abilities. What’s better than a little bit of girl-on-girl fighting action?


Complete Your Bestiary By Discovering All The Monsters In-Game

There are many different ways to progress in the game, with items to collect, gear to perfect, and also monsters to spot! The in-game bestiary gives you a guideline of all the monsters you discover on your journey with your Monster Harem, and you can refer back to it when you need some details about an upcoming fight! Every monster is rendered with awesome 3D and 2D art style, and is an added benefit when you need a break from all the hot girls.

Tips and Tricks for Monster Harem

Don’t lose your focus by being distracted by the girls, you’re here to work together! Monster Harem is all about maximizing your girl’s potential so you get to unlock more hot scenes and embark on fiery escapades with them all. The game has a lot of replayability because you’ll want to go back and discover other hot scenes for other girls, but that means you’ve got to ace those dungeons! Make sure to build a balanced composition of girls on your team, and don’t just focus on their good looks and sexy moves. Save up your currency on important upgrades, and use them well!

Download Monster Harem Mod APK – Unlimited Money, god mode,…

Get your hands on all the girls in Nutaku’s Monster Harem when you download the newest version of the modded APK for Android.

Mod features:

  1. Increase Gems
  2. Increase Money
  3. God Mode
  4. DMG x10
  5. Unlim Steps in dungeon
  6. High xp gain in Fusion
  7. 1 Char need for Evolution: You can use more chars, but 1 is enough to Evolve

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