MLB 9 Innings 20 APK 8.0.0

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Want to play the most authentic and complete baseball game ever? Download MLB 9 Innings 20 now and enjoy a realistic baseball experience and get home runs!

MLB 9 Innings 20 APK 8.0.0
Name MLB 9 Innings 20
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 8.0.0
Size 66.76 Mb
Category Sports
Developer Com2uS
Price Free
Google Play Link

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Baseball has always been one of the major sports worldwide. It’s only behind Football, Basketball, Tennis, Cricket, and Formula 1 in the biggest global sports list. Although there are many baseball games available to play right now, MLB 9 Innings 20 is the official baseball game licensed by the Major League!

This game is so popular as it has already reached 10 million downloads in Google Play Store. If you want a mobile game that will fill all your cravings for an intense baseball game, this is the game for you. If you want to know more about MLB 9 Innings 20, you’re in luck as we’re going to talk about it here.

The Official Baseball Game

When it comes to major sports worldwide, baseball is among the top 10 always. It’s mostly popular in North America and Japan but it’s known worldwide. There have been countless movies, tv shows and anime shows made based on baseball. This is testament to how influential this game is.

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If basketball has NBA2K, then baseball has MLB 9 Innings 20. This is a game with a lot of features as you’d expect from an official licensed game. Beyond that, you will experience different teams, rosters, stadiums and a whole lot of baseball skills to master. There are certainly tons of things to look forward in this game.

Characteristics of MLB 9 Innings 20

If you’re craving for some serious baseball playing experience, you’re going to want to read this. There are plenty of reasons why this game is one of the most popular in the baseball genre. Here are its features.

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Realistic Gameplay – Like the NBA 2K games, MLB 9 Innings 20 focuses on the realistic gaming experience of players. To do this, they’ve created a game that heavily recreated the baseball genre with their best. It may not be perfect but it’s the closest experience you’ll get to playing Major League Baseball. Aside from that, the character designs and stadiums are something to behold as well. The details have certainly evolved from the past games and even with other baseball games.

A roster of stars – This game features more than 2,000 baseball stars from the Major League Baseball teams. They are all faithfully recreated using 3D graphics. This way, you’re going to play with an updated roster on your team and enjoy the most realistic game of baseball ever. Aside from that, there are 30 stadiums from each team each with their audience. The huge stadiums themselves are mesmerizing as you bat your way to victory to try and score a home run. Experience what the pros are feeling when it’s game time!

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 Interesting game modes – In this game, the League Mode is the one you want if you want to dominate the World Series. There’s also the Ranked Battle where you’ll fight against real opponents worldwide. Fight for the top rankings and demolish anyone who gets in your way. There’s also the Clutch Hits Mode and the Arcade Mode to enjoy. Each game mode is perfectly created for every baseball fan’s enjoyment.

Fight in real matches – Who doesn’t like to beat the very best in the world? In this game, you’re responsible for taking care of your team. This means making sure they learn the necessary skills to win. Then, you’re going to face off against real opponents from all over the world. There are fierce battles that await you!

Enjoy a spectacular game with high-quality graphics – Needless to say, the quality of this game is superb. From the overall look down to the tiniest detail, the developers made sure to capture everything into this game. When playing, you’ll feel like you’re truly in a professional MLB game with thousands of fans cheering and your reputation on the line.

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Club battles – There are also club battles where you need to complete missions along with your fellow team members to improve the standing of your club. You can also play against other clubs and receive tons of rewards. You can also face off against the best AI teams in the history of baseball. There are also items you can create in the Club Crafting!

Download MLB 9 Innings 20 APK – Latest version

MLB 9 Innings 20 is a spectacular and realistic baseball game! Play with it and enjoy every thrilling moment as you climb up the ranks.

Download MLB 9 Innings 20 [66.76 Mb]


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