Mikasa Mod MLBB APK v9

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Do you play Mobile Legends a lot? If you want to attain greater heights, download Mikasa Mod MLBB now! Get features like Drone View, Skins, and many more.

Mikasa Mod MLBB APK v9
Name Mikasa Mod MLBB
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version v9
Size 4 MB
Category Tools
Developer Mikasa Playz PH
Price Free
MOD Features +



The Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games are real-time action strategy games that you can play today. These were popular with computers but today, there are a lot of MOBA games available for mobile. These are enjoyable games that allows you to play in 5 vs. 5 matches with the objective of destroying the enemy’s base. Each character in these games have unique skills and abilities that you can use. But if you want to have a higher rank in MLBB, download Mikasa MLBB now!

mikasa mod mlbb

This is an injector app that allows you to get all of the features of Mobile Legends without paying for anything. Here, you can unlock all the heroes complete with the skins available as well. Then, there’s also the Drone View that allows you to see the enemies clearly on the map. Moreover, you can spam chat, get unlimited gold and there is no cooldown for your skills. Moreover, you can choose to get into a great server and enjoy many other tools!

How does Mikasa MLBB Work?

There are millions of players today that are addicted at MOBA games. These games have become some of the most popular ones for mobile phones. They allow players to play with teammates against other players in real-time. This is a strategy-action game that allows you to enjoy performing many insane skills. There are so many fun heroes that you can collect in these games with unique skills and incredible talents. But more than that, these games also allow players to join clans.

mikasa mod mlbb 2021

As you can see, it’s not hard for players to get addicted to these kinds of games today. Because of this, one of the most popular MOBA games today is Mobile Legends Bang Bang. It’s known worldwide as it hosts many tournaments and events yearly in different countries. It has also received countless updates which allowed it to grow even further. But what’s special about this game is the matchmaking system that allows you to play with players on your server.


If you want to be the best at this game, you’ll need to best millions of other players! This is hard to do by yourself unless you’re a professional player. But with Mikasa MLBB, you can access the best tools available to use. Most notably, there’s the Drone View here which allows you to see incoming enemies on the map. This will allow you to perform sneak attacks easily and avoid being ganged up on.

There’s also the unlimited gold feature and the no cooldown feature that you can enjoy. With this, you can gain considerable advantages over opponents who are playing normally. Climb the ranks instantly and become the best the game has ever seen!

Features of Mikasa MLBB

There are so many amazing tools that Mikasa MLBB offers to players. Here are the best ones:

mikasa mod mlbb apk

An Amazing Injector App – There are many MOBA games in existence today. Most of them are the same with the exception of the heroes and certain features. But one of the pioneers in this genre in mobile is Mobile Legends and it’s still one of the most popular games today. Because of this, you can enjoy quite a lot of heroes and unique skills in the game right now. But even with hard work, it will be difficult to reach the highest ranks in this game. However, with the help of Mikasa MLBB, this is possible!

What this app does is that it provides all of the full features of the game for the player without any cost. Normally, players would need to spend considerable amount of money to buy heroes. But in this app, you’ll have a lot of gold that you can use to unlock heroes and skins. Not only that but you can access unfair tools that will make your character overpowered! Dominate the field now and climb to the top of the rankings.


Unlimited Gold – In Mobile Legends, each hero costs gold coins and diamonds. You can get free ones but you’ll have to buy most heroes in this game to play them. But with Mikasa MLBB, you can get unlimited gold that you can use to purchase all heroes and their skins! This allows you to dominate other players especially beginners since you have access now to stronger heroes.

mikasa mod mlbb apk latest version

Drone View – Another unfair tool that you can have with this app is the Drone View. This essentially allows you to see the locations of the enemies which is vital to your victory. This way, you can attack them and perform various strategies easily. There’s no need to be cautious in the game anymore since you can easily dominate it with this tool.

Unlock all skins and heroes – Everybody knows that you’ll need to spend a lot of time and money in order to get all the heroes in Mobile Legends. But with Mikasa MLBB, you can get them all for free! Use the best heroes in the game now and dominate the field.

No Cooldown – Another insane feature you can enjoy here is the fact that the skills have no cooldown. This means you can spam skills one after another to annihilate your enemies. You can also teleport anytime you want and customize a lot of the game’s features.

Download Mikasa Mod MLBB APK – Latest version

Enjoy Mobile Legends at its finest with Mikasa MLBB! Get the best tools in the market today for free.

Download Mikasa Mod MLBB [4 MB]


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