Me Chame de Imperador APK 3.6.0

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Download Me Chame de Imperador APK Latest Version free for Android. Manage various scenarios in order to become the leader of your empire.

Me Chame de Imperador APK 3.6.0
Name Me Chame de Imperador
Compatible with Android 4.2+
Last version 3.6.0
Size 67.42 Mb
Category Role Playing
Developer Clicktouch Co., Ltd.
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Features +


The long-waited and quite expected Me Chame de Imperador is now launched. This is a Spanish title thats sets up an outstanding adventure through the old Chinese dinasty. Your goal is to rise to the emperor’s positition.


Recruit ministers, date beautiful people, deal with army strategies and get your own kingdom richer and richer. The possibilities are endless. Furthermore, you’ll need to put maximum effort to conquer and become the most powerful emperor in the world.


The game runs a storytelling adventure in which you’re the son of the current emperor. As he’s about to die, you receive the right and duty to take his place and drive the entire empire to a better future.

From this point, your father confesses that he has ruled the kingdom only by name. In fact, it has beem his corrupted counsellors who have really benn making decisions. This is a bit of what you’ll face in order to take control of what’s yours by right.


An this begins the gameplay, you’ll need to make decisions in several areas of interest in order to collect perks, such as coins, fame, soldiers for your army, and so on. As you progress in the game, many chapters with different tasks become available.

Of course there’s lot more in the package of what you’re about to face.


The story is very well narrated and brings a lot to deal with to the player. Some of its main challenges are down bellow:

  • Deal with several ministers who are used to ruling the empire;
  • Fight wars;
  • Expand the empire;
  • Find and train a proper heir;
  • Find and date beautiful women when covertly roaming the empire;
  • Create alliances;
  • Control and charge taxes;
  • Make sure you dynasty stays in charge for the future;

Make the decisions, clear stages, give a try on new chapters, and spread the word there’s a new man in the house. But keep in mind it’ll take a lot from you to accomplish it all.

When we combine the first two features, we have another great highlight of this game, which is the overall experience you get. Check it out.

Overall Experience

As previously mentioned, the devs were quite competent to make a game both rich in story and also straight forward to the point. All of this is accomplished without losing the entertainment factor.

Another key aspect that contributes to this scenario is how well the game performs even in reasonably mid tier smartphones. You’ll get smooth graphics, with a rich set of animations precisely syncronized with clear audios that guarantee you get deeply immersed into this game.


Tapping you screen to make things happen also makes for a snappy experience. Therefore, this allows you to make your decisions quickly in real time.

Whenever we’re facing a cool game like this, one question becomes inevitable: is it for free? Well, yes and no. But yes!

Me Chame de Imperador: Quality Free-to-Play Choice For Fun

Call Me Emperor can be played from end to end freely. However, as most of the good games out there, you can also make in-game purchases to enrich your experience and make the game even more exciting!


It is, though, relevant to state that this isn’t a pay-to-win game. Therefore, you may get a more valuable and comprehensive experience with in-game purchases, but not making them will not prevent you from having some great moments of fun.

Download Me Chame De Imperador APK for Free

This should be enough to avoid any in-app purchases and enjoy the game for what it is. So, go ahead and download now!

Download Me Chame de Imperador [67.42 Mb]
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