Magic School Story APK 9.0.0

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If you want to establish your own magic school, you’ll enjoy Magic School Story! Download the game now and be in charge of your school. Get many students now!

Magic School Story APK 9.0.0
Name Magic School Story
Compatible with Android 4.2+
Last version 9.0.0
Size 36M
Category Simulation
Developer Happy Labs
Price Free
Google Play Link com.happylabs.magic

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There are so many fun simulation games to play with unique topics today. There are business ones, campgrounds, basketball teams and many more. These games are popular simply because they offer endless gameplay that people keep coming back for. This means that it won’t end after completing quests which is why players can enjoy them for a long time. Magic School Story is a unique simulation game published by Happy Labs.

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In this game, your goal is to build the best magic school for all the magic students in the country! To achieve this, you’ll first need to build and upgrade classrooms, facilities and decorate your entire school. You’re the one who decides what gets built but since you only have a limited budget, you need to be wise about it. Here, you can build rooms, dormitories, restrooms, vending machines, canteen and more. You can also go on quests to earn more coins and get a lot of powerful students in your school.

Build a Magic School

A school is a place for students to learn a lot of things while they’re still young. It’s also a place for teachers to impart their knowledge and to get along with students so that they grow well and kind. This is why schools are a necessity all over the world today with millions of them present in different areas. But what if you want to establish a different kind of school, say one that teaches magic? In Magic School Story, you’ll enjoy a unique and fun simulation game!

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Here, you’ll be in charge of establishing and growing your magic school from the ground up! At first, you’ll need to erect tons of classrooms with unique lessons such as potions, elements, history, basic totems, magic circle, fire and many more. Then, you can also build dormitories which is where the magic students will be staying and to attract more of them! Here, you can also create restrooms, vending machines, canteens and a whole lot of facilities.

Enjoy creating the best magic school today and see your rankings on the leaderboards! You can also play puzzle games to get more materials.

Magic School Story Features

There are many schools worldwide today. But if you’ve always wanted school to be fun, be in charge of your own at Magic School Story!

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Establish a Magic School – A school is a place for learning where many young people gather every day. In the real world, there are different levels that students will go through if they want to learn and to work someday. But in every school, there will be plenty of experiences and unique things people can learn. If you’ve always wanted to establish your own school, download Magic School Story now! Here in this game, you’ll experience creating your own magic school today.

You can entice many students to enroll to your magic school today by putting up as many classes as you can. Here, you can put up many unique classes with specific magic subjects so students can learn more! You can also perform quests so you can improve your school and earn more coins at the same time. You can also send professors and students on adventures so they can earn money for you. Lastly, you can create dormitories and expand your school!

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Build classrooms – In this game, you can build classes which allows students to learn more about magic. Here, each classroom teaches a unique subject and it requires a unique professor as well. You can then erect different classrooms in subjects such as elements, history, potions, fire, basic totems, magic circle and many more. You can also upgrade these classes to accommodate more students in the future!

Erect many facilities – There are so many facilities need to run a school much less a magic school! In Magic School Story, you can erect facilities aside from classrooms such as dormitories, washrooms, vending machines, canteens and many more. The more dormitories you create, the more students you can accommodate and entire to enroll in your school! But you have to remember that these all-costs money so you need to earn money first.

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Play match-3 – You can also earn coins and resources by gathering them! This means playing a matching puzzle game where you’ll need to match like symbols. You need to complete the objectives within the limited moves provided. This is an enjoyable puzzle game which allows you to earn more coins and resources!

Complete quests – You can also perform quests in this game which allows you to earn money. Aside from that, you can let your students and teachers go on adventures so they can also grow and earn coins.

Download Magic School Story APK – Latest version

Enjoy establishing your magic school today in Magic School Story! Get the best experience ever now.

Download Magic School Story [36M]


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