Krita APK 1.0

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Download Krita APK and get your hands on professional creative painting tools on your mobile devices. This tool makes painting easy with the many features it contains.

Krita APK 1.0
Name Krita
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Last version 1.0
Size 50 MB
Category Art & Design
Developer Stichting Krita Foundation
Price Free
Google Play Link org.krita
MOD Features +



Description of Krita APK

Are you an artist, and do you want to try out a high-quality drawing app or tool? Krita APK is the best option to try out. This excellent painting application can be used by artists, illustrators or regular painters to bring out professional creativity with painting. Krita APK has many tools artists can get their hands on while painting. With this application, you can easily edit and create different illustrations or craft paintings.

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There are lots of professional techniques in the application to use, like oil paint, watercolour, charcoal, pastel chalk, etc. Besides that, Krita ALL has many customizable tools like pen, brushes, and pencils that serves different purposes while painting or creating an illustration.

As an artist or illustrator, when you check through the many tools and features of Krita APK, you will guarantee that it is a must-have app for all artists. Krita APK for android supports multiple work formats like the vector file and bitmap; this way, users can send files to the app and start working.

With Krita APK Android, users can create a drawing or illustration with a vector or pixel file, depending on what they want. You will be attracted to the app at first sight because of the many tool, features and resources to create beautiful art crafts. This app is a great digital tool, and its jas many features just the way you see it on Adobe creator.

Stitching Krita Foundation developed and published this app with over 500 thousand downloads on google play. Anyone can use this application with an easy-to-use interface. You will find this application your best app when you explore its many features. This application has a modified version under development, called Krita APK MOD; this version will offer advanced features to all users; you can get the Krita APK download as you read further. Let's check out some of the amazing features of Krita APK


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Unique Features of Krita APK

As said earlier, Krita APK is an amazing painting application; here are some of the interesting features it offers users;

Great user interface

Anyone can use this application, which depicts that it has a great user interface. This free high-quality drawing application has a clean layout with a minimalist appearance. At first glance, it looks similar to the Adobe Photoshop application.

Once you open the application, you can access many tools. In addition, Krita APK allows you to create shortcuts to your favourite book ok the app; this is super interesting and thrilling. There is a popup palette feature where you can easily select colours and other tools.

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RAW file support

Here is another interesting feature of Krita APK, it supports RAW files, and you know that there are many RAW tools like highlight, colour, exposure, etc. This application allows you to use these tools conveniently.

Free Painting tool

Artists or users don't have to pay to use this application. It is entirely free to use; however, although it is free, it requires regular updates to ensure that the numerous tools are working properly. Asides from that, Krita APK provides tips and video tutorials to find your way around some features. Download Krita APK to get started with this free tool. In addition, we offer Krita APK free download for our users, so you will enjoy a free and top-notch experience while using the application.


Numerous filters

Krita APK comes with various filters to ensure users can get their hands on several tools. For instance, you can access enhancement features, colour, blurring, colour correction and many more in the filters options

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Besides this, there are extra filters that can be used while previewing an edit. Also, various filter settings can be done on this application. Join thousands of users worldwide to explore these filters and create magic together.

Options for symmetry painting

This application offers extra options for symmetry paintings, which are found in the software. Once you choose a brush, you can start creating illustrations, as the instance.

The various options of symmetry painting are available for both horizontal and vertical image positions. There is also the availability of a graphic illustrator in the application, which gives access to many other functionalities while painting or drawing with the app.

Availability of multi-brush tool

Multi-brush is one of the many valuable tools of artists; you can use it to create many shapes. Asides from this, there are other important tools Krita APK offers, like gradient, transformation, move, paint bucket, etc. You cannot go wrong with the use of this app.

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In addition, you can use brushes with a single tap and access the range of colour palettes available.


If you are an artist and you're looking for an app or program to explore your professional skills. This is a great app to try out. Download Krita APK now and enjoy its features.

Download Krita [50 MB]


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