Kinemaster Diamond Mod APK v4.1.2 (Without watermark)

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Whether you’re a content creator or someone who wants to immortalize your memories, Kinemaster Diamond Mod APK full unlocked is the app for you. Read all about its features here now!

Kinemaster Diamond Mod APK v4.1.2 (Without watermark)
Name Kinemaster Diamond
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version v4.1.2
Size 49 MB
MOD Without watermark
Category Video Players & Editors
Developer KineMaster Corporation
Price Free
MOD Features +
  1. Video Export Without Watermark.
  2. Export with 4K UHD limit.
  3. Export Up to 60FPS.
  4. Video Layers Enabled.
  5. Free Premium Store.
  6. Redesign Of The App And Interface.



In our world today, we’re seeing countless videos being produced, uploaded and shared all over the internet. They are quick to be shared and it’s a great way to record a piece of memory for most. But whether you’re someone who creates videos for a living or someone who just wants to record your happy moments, Kinemaster Diamond is the app you’re looking for.

kinemaster diamond

With the original counterpart of this app getting hundreds and millions of downloads, this one is for everyone who doesn’t want to pay for the pro version. Kinemaster Diamond is the more complete version of the app free of any intrusions. To learn more about this amazing video editing app, read the review down below.

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What is Kinemaster Diamond?

To know more about this one, let’s first talk about its original counterpart – Kinemaster. This app was released years ago yet it remains relevant and widely used today by vloggers, content creators and normal people. With its easy-to-use interface and a wide range of tools available, this is one of the best video editing apps ever created.

kinemaster diamond

However, it also comes with many flaws as pointed out by users. For one, it limits free users significantly on the features it gets. They also get watermarks in videos they edit. Obviously, this can easily be solved by availing of the pro subscription. But the problem is that the premium subscription charges $4.99 a month. This isn’t a problem for content creators but how about regular people who just want to edit videos? This is one problem that the Kinemaster Diamond solves once and for all. If you’re in a similar situation as with millions of people, then stick to this article and see how this app can help you.

Kinemaster Diamond Exciting Features

When it comes to video editing apps, Kinemaster Diamond sits at the top. Here are its features if you don’t believe us.

Multiple layers – Nothing is more important for an advanced video editor than having the ability to edit complex videos. In order to do that, the video editing app needs to have the ability to support multiple layers. Kinemaster Diamond supports that which allows users to create even the most demanding work. Now, you don’t have to settle for basic video editing apps which are only capable of providing 1 or 2 timelines.


kinemaster diamond

Beautiful effects – One of the great joys of video editors is to add effects to the videos they edit. Whether it’s a simple one such as adding an element or as complex as masking, Kinemaster Diamond allows you to do it all. This app has all the necessary effects you can use to bring your masterpiece to light. The multitude of effects you can use are limitless. There are special effects, color adjustments, combination of different layers, and more. You can even reverse your videos if you want to create a gorgeous effect.

No watermark – Compared with other video editors, Kinemaster is one of the strictest. The free version is free to download and use but it gives out a large watermark in your videos. This is fine for some but for those that want to have professional videos, this will not do. Although there’s always the solution of availing the pro subscription but it’s not the only one. If you happen to come across this article, you’re in luck because Kinemaster Diamond erases all watermarks on your videos. Now, you can edit without worries and hassles.

Supports all video formats – Whatever video format your raw files might have such as MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV or others, Kinemaster Diamond supports all of it. This is a common problem in other video editing apps that this app solves. Instead of converting your videos into acceptable formats, you just need to upload it into Kinemaster Diamond and you’re ready to edit!

kinemaster diamond

Interesting transitions – Transitions are what allows video editors to go from one scene to the other seamlessly. These are what hinges the two seemingly unrelated scene together into one video. In Kinemaster Diamond, there are a lot of transitions you can freely use. Even if you just want some classic or a more modern transition, you can achieve it all in this app.

Free to use – Most video editing apps are free to download and use today. But the real way for developers to make money is in premium subscriptions and in-app purchases. But thanks to Kinemaster Diamond, you no longer have to bring out a single penny out of your wallet. Edit videos as much as you like with this app. There are no hidden costs and in-app purchases that will come to bite you. Everything is free to use for everyone.


High-quality video exports – As a video editor, it’s important to have your videos exported in the highest quality possible. Otherwise, the videos will look unprofessional. No matter how nice the transitions and effects you put if it can’t be watched clearly, it won’t matter. But Kinemaster Diamond supports videos of up to 4k at 30 fps! This insane quality is possible in this free app for everyone to use.

kinemaster diamond

Instant preview – The ability to instantly preview the videos you’re editing is vital to every video editor. Otherwise, you’d spend a lot of time exporting and editing over and over again. For this reason, Kinemaster Diamond has a convenient video preview window you can use to watch how your video is edited in real-time.

4 Simple Steps to Download and Install Kinemaster Diamond

Even if you’re intimidated by the powerful features of this app, it’s still super easy to download and use. Here are the 4 simple steps.

kinemaster diamond
  1. Go to your settings > security > enable download from unknown sources.
  2. Download the Kinemaster Diamond APK in this page below.
  3. Install the APK.
  4. That’s it, you should have access to the app already!

Kinemaster vs. Kinemaster Diamond

Both Kinemaster and Kinemaster Diamond are superb video editing apps. But if you want to know their differences, here are they.

kinemaster diamond
  • Kinemaster Diamond has no watermarks and allows you to access more features than Kinemaster.
  • Kinemaster premium costs $4.99/month while Kinemaster Diamond is 100% free to use.
  • Kinemaster Diamond  and KineMaster Pro can’t be found on Google Play Store while Kinemaster is in there.

How much does Kinemaster Diamond cost?

It’s free! It doesn’t cost anything to download and use the app unlike Kinemaster pro.

Which Kinemaster is the best?

Both Kinemaster and Kinemaster Diamond have all the necessary tools you need for video editing. However, Diamond has extra features and it unlocks all the limitations placed on the Kinemaster free version.

How do I download Kinemaster Diamond? +

To download Kinemaster Diamond APK, simply follow the instructions above. Or just download the APK below.

Download Kinemaster Diamond [49 MB]


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