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So you've been looking for a new streaming service? Well, it's time to give Rokkr a try! It's an app that can be installed on any device with a screen—whether it be your laptop, smart TV, or tablet. We know what you're thinking: "But I already have Netflix!" Well, you may still want to install Rokkr because it has a certain edge over paid streaming services. It's free and offers local channels, premium sports channels, along with many other features. Sounds intriguing? Let's find out more about this amazing app—why to choose it, how to install it, and some killer tips to get the best use of it.

What Is Rokkr?

If you're a streamer, you probably are a subscriber of Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and/or other renowned streaming services. Rokkr is kind of a similar platform but it offers movies and TV shows for free! It lets you tap into various servers, so you can access a rich content library. With this app, watch all your favorite content on TV, laptop, or phone/tablet when you are outside the home.

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All of Rokkr's content is 100% legal and licensed through a variety of sources, so it doesn't matter which server you use. As long as the server is live, you can add it to the app dashboard and access all content and channels.

Why Choose Rokkr?

You may be wondering why you should choose Rokkr over other platforms. Well, it's a free app, which means all this entertainment is available without paying a dime and making no commitments whatsoever. Also, it has an ample collection of content to keep you engaged. In fact, there are many reasons to choose it over these competitors; here are just a few of them:

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Go ad-free.

Rokkr has a premium ad-free subscription plan costing €19.95 a year. However, you can download the premium .apk or .ipa files from hordes of reliable trusted third-party sites and install them on the devices.

Huge content library.

In addition to being reliable, Rokkr also offers a large library of new and old shows with no commercials. You will get thousands of titles plus local and live TV channels. There are options to watch sports from around the world live through this app. Another good news is that you will get unlimited watch time for shows and movies.


On the go service.

When you're sitting on the subway/bus headed to work or coming back home, instead of scrolling through social media like everyone else, watch some episodes from last night's episode of "This Is Us" or catch up with all those latest movies creating buzz everywhere.

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High-quality video streaming.

With Rokkr, you can watch your favorite shows in the highest quality possible. It has more movies than any other streaming service out there (because of the Bundle adding option), making it a great place to go if you're looking for something new or just want to enjoy some of your old favorites.

Available on various platforms.

Stream on any device with an Internet connection. Watch the videos on whatever platform you prefer—smartphones, tablets, Apple TV, Roku Streaming Stick+, laptop, or desktop computers. Any device with an Internet connection and a compatible screen size can play the app.

Security of personal data.

Since the app doesn’t require an account or log-in information like some other services do, you don’t have to worry about your personal data being attacked into by someone with malicious intent trying to break the system.

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Also, it does not ask any special permission when installing on your device. The app does not access your device's local storage or sensitive data.

How to Install Rokkr App on Your Devices

To install Rokkr on your device, you will need to download the app from the official website (for the basic version) or a third-party website (for the premium version). The official website does not have any .ipa file for iPhones (a macOS version is available though).

Android Device Installation

For Android phones, you may have to enable the option of installing apps from unknown sources. You will get this option in the Security section of the Settings menu (this could be slightly different from one device to another).


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After that, tap on the Rokkr .apk file and install it like any other Android app. It won't ask for any special permission, so that's a relief.

Apple iOS Device Installation

On an iPhone, you will have to download the .ipa file from a third-party website. You may need to jailbreak the phone for proper installation of the .ipa file.

For a macOS laptop, just download the designated file and install it. 

Windows Device Installation

For sideloading the app on your Windows laptop/desktop, you will need to set up an Android Emulator first. After that, you can install the .apk file and use Rokkr just like an Android app. See more here  Rokkr Windows

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When the installation is done, open the app, click on the Manager option and add a URL Bundle to import content from a server. The most popular two Bundles are and When it's successful, you will see all content on the dashboard.

How to Use Rokkr

With Rokkr's intuitive interface, watching video content couldn't be easier: browse by category or search by name – take your pick! Whether it's comedy sketches from Saturday Night Live or an episode of Doctor Who, it has something for everyone.

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Follow these tips to make your watching experience smoother:

  • To find a movie or show later, add it to the Favorite tab.
  • Use the search option to find content by title.
  • Even if a server goes down, add another URL Bundle. You can get plenty by searching Reddit.
  • Check the Settings to see if there is an option for multiple languages. Some servers let users stream in different languages and with subtitles.


Rokkr is a great place to go for your entertainment wants and needs! Whether you're looking for something new or just want to enjoy some old favorites, it has what you seek. Install Rokkr Premium APK by following the guide and bring all your favorite shows under your fingertip.

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