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Sky: Children of the Light Mod APK 0.12.3

Download Sky Children of the Light Mod APK Latest Version free for Android. Experience a stunning and beautiful 3D role playing game for mobile devices.


Informasi dari Sky: Children of the Light Mod APK 0.12.3

Nama Sky: Children of the Light
Kompatibel 8.0
Versi Terbaru 0.12.3
Pengembang thatgamecompany inc
Google play link
Harga Free
Ukuran 1.01 GB
Kategori Bermain Peran

Unduh sekarang

Description Sky: Children of the Light

What secrets lie beyond the skies? Soar to different world and collect treasure alongside other players from around the world in this fun MMORPG. This is – Sky Children of the Light.

This social adventure game is brought to you by the same developers behind award-winning game, Journey. So you know what they’ve created here is going to be a treat for all.


Download Sky Children of the Light for Android now to experience this beautiful, and well-made 3D online role playing game. Go ahead, unlock various mysteries with your friends and have fun exploring the many different worlds available.

Sky Children of the Light Key Features

Look over some of these key features that make this game so renowned. Of course, the background behind the developers is enough to understand the quality of game you are getting, but there are still more benefits and additions to note.

  • Explore through seven surreal worlds and unlock various mysteries and secrets. Walk, platform and even fly through the vast interconnected worlds.
  • Also, freely express yourself with the different character customization features presented. Add your own sense of identity to differentiate yourself from other players in the game.
  • Online multiplayer functions allow players to connect with one-another. Socialize and spend time with your friends and even strangers from around the globe.


  • Besides being social, you can also play alongside your friends to adventure out into the dark realms. Save spirits, uncover treasure, and ultimately, have fun!
  • Connect even further by sharing gifts that you have collected with your friends. Show your appreciation for teaming up by offering some nice rewards to others.
  • The world of Sky Children of the Light is always expanding and updating. Stay tuned for even more special events, expansions, and more.

Graphics and Music

The graphics and music create the overall theme and feeing of the game. Both make your experience feel so much more surreal and beautiful. Without either of these elements, a lot of the passion of Sky Children of the Light would be lost.

First are the graphics. Everything is in a beautiful 3D style. The visuals give off a similar feel to the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, another beautiful game with great visuals and music.

In addition, all environments are fully 3D as well. You can explore most aspects of the open-world and feel truly immersed in the game. And playing alongside others truly makes the game feel like an entirely separate world of its own.


As for the music – everything is beautifully orchestrated to give off the vibe off the game. Each track has a certain energy to it that allows for players to understand exactly what kind of environments they are exploring.

All-in-all, we give both – graphics and music a solid 9/10.

Sky Children of the Light Mod APK Free – All Map Unlocked

You can download the mod APK version of Sky Children of the Light, here. The game offers great features on its own, and with the mod APK, you can enjoy the free game with some minor tweaks to make it more accessible.


For one, you will be able to download the file faster than you would from the Google Play Store.

Second, you can save more data and storage from your Android device when choosing the mod APK version.

So, go ahead and begin your adventure in this amazing world by following Sky Children of the Light Mod APK free download below.


Mod Features:

  • All Map Unlocked

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