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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world today. It boasts of millions of users spread across different parts of the world. You are likely to be part of these users. The main reason why people make use of this platform is that its users can express themselves. They can do this through posts and story updates.

How to Add Music to Instagram Story

Instagram is a social media app that provides unlimited entertainment to users in different forms. This can be through comedy skits, sports highlights, music videos, and even through Instagram Radio. Over the years, Instagram has constantly provided users with new and enhanced features. One of these enhanced features is Instagram Stories.

People upload different types of stories on Instagram today. You’d find picture updates, video updates, and more. The most common of this is music updates, of which most people are unaware of. What’s even more surprising is that you can and your favorite song to your picture and upload on your status. Nothing is more amazing than this.

Most users on Instagram still do not know how to add music to the Instagram story. It is more surprising that many don’t know how to add music to Instagram videos or posts. In this guide, you’d learn how to do this.

Steps to Follow

Here are the steps to follow if you want to add music to Instagram story:

Open your Instagram App

This is an obvious thing. You can open the app before you can upload anything to it. Once you have opened your Instagram App, the next thing is to open ‘Your Story.’ You’d find this at the top left corner of your phone’s screen.


There are different options for you to use. You can either take a video or a photo or decide to use a media file in your library or gallery. Select the sticker icon as soon as you’ve found the content you want to share.


Choose the Music Sticker

A menu will pop up when you tap the sticker icon mentioned above. This menu has different options you can choose from. The options include Location, #Hashtag, Poll, Questions, Music, and more. You can then tap on Music to proceed.

Once you’ve done this, you’d be able to search for the music you’d like to use. You can use the ‘for you’ and ‘browse’ option to select your favorite song. In the ‘for you’ option, you’d find a recommended list of songs. On the other hand, the ‘browse’ option allows users to select their preferred genre and song.

Adjust the length of the song

Once you’ve selected the song you want to use, you can adjust with the slider at the lower end. This slider will allow you to adjust the length of the song you selected. It is worth noting that the minimum length is five seconds, and the maximum is fifteen seconds.


You can also select the part of the music you’d like to use, which makes it more amazing and unique.

Customize your story

Once you’ve completed the processes mentioned above, you can proceed to select customize your story. You can add beauty and style to make it look unique and different. To do this, just tap the options menu located below the slider. From this option, you’d find different options to explore. You can also use different colors for text and resize how it appears on your screen.

With these steps, you’d master the art of adding music to your Instagram story. What’s certain is that your followers will like to view your story because of how unique it’d be.

Other things to note about Instagram

There’s more to explore in this amazing social media platform. As mentioned above, adding music to the story is not the only thing people don’t know. There are also other things about this app that people are unaware of.


For example, you can add music to your Instagram app from different music players and entertainment apps. Here’s how to go about this:


Adding Music from Spotify to your Instagram Story

Spotify is one of the most used music streaming platforms in the world today. This app is used by people from different parts of the world today. It is worth mentioning that you can upload music to your story from this app.

To add music to your story using this app, open the Spotify app, and locate the preferred song. You’d notice an ellipse icon, tap it and select the share icon. It’d show you a list of different options where you can share the song too. You’d be taken to your Instagram story if you select Instagram Stories.

You can proceed with the steps highlighted above from this point.

Adding Music from SoundCloud to your Instagram Story

Just as it is with Spotify, you can also add a song from SoundCloud app. It is important to note that you can do this in easy steps. All you can to do is to select the song you want to add to your story. From then, you can share the song by tapping on the share icon. This will allow you to add the music to your Instagram Story.


There are other apps you can upload music from to your Instagram Story. The procedure is almost the same, and you’d find it easy. It is worth mentioning that you can also add music to your Instagram Story from Shazam.


Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most amazing social media apps to use on your mobile device. There are many functions to explore, and it is important to stay up to date with these features. Adding music to Instagram Story is one of these features.

Use the steps listed above to achieve this and add style to your story. Your followers will enjoy the entertainment they’d get from your Instagram Story.

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