Hothit App APK 1.9

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If you want to, there are thousand of movies and shows you can watch today. But if you’re looking for the latest Indian movies and series, you need to HOTHIT now!

Hothit App APK 1.9
Name Hothit App
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.9
Size 4.31 Mb
Category Entertainment
Developer Hothit Movies Pvt. Ltd.
Price Free
Google Play Link

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If you love movies and shows, there are so many that you can watch these days. Streaming platforms have emerged one after another trying to fulfill the huge demand that people have. But most of the time, the annoying thing is that streaming platforms mainly just showcase international films and shows especially from Hollywood. If you’re an Indian, then you might want to download the Hothit app today and enjoy!

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This app was published by Hothit Movies and it’s one of the best local streaming platforms you can use today. With this app, you can stream thousands of movies and web series in India easily today. There are many selections in all categories that you can enjoy today. Enjoy unlimited movies and shows with an affordable subscription plan today. This beats out any cable subscription out there as you can access the videos anytime and anywhere you wish.

Stream Indian Content

Movies and shows have come a long way ever since they were invented. Nowadays, we see a lot of them in TV, YouTube, Facebook and various streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and more. We no longer need to wait for anything to air since most of the movies and shows today are available to stream and binge-watch. With this, our way of life has drastically improved but there are still some concerns. Most streaming platforms today only focus on popular Hollywood movies and shows.

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This leaves many local movies and shows to remain on TV subscriptions. But this shouldn’t be the case since there’s a lot of demand for local tv shows and movies worldwide. For Indian audience, Hothit App is the best streaming app to download today! This allows you to stream a lot of Indian movies and shows whenever you want instantly. It functions just like a regular streaming platform but the big difference is that it showcases the local shows. With this, you can find a lot of content you can relate to today.

You only need to subscribe to a monthly subscription and you can watch all of the available content as much as you want.  

Hothit App Features

When it comes to movies and shows, there are many streaming platforms available today. But Hothit App offers local Indian content!

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Local Indian Content – Even if you’re not a huge binge-watcher, you can enjoy streaming platforms today. These platforms are revolutionary since they offer many shows and movies that you can watch any time you like. You don’t need then to go to the cinema or have a cable subscription with these platforms. You only need to subscribe every month and you’re good to go! But the huge problem is that most streaming platforms only offer Hollywood movies and shows.

For Indian audience, the perfect app would be Hothit App. This app contains a lot of local movies and shows for your enjoyment today. Aside from that, there are all sorts of incredible features here. There’s a lot of TV channels, movies and shows in various categories and more. You don’t need to wait for a long time to watch any movie or show you want with this app today. Set reminders, and enjoy a built-in media player inside the app today.

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Watch Indian Movies – With Hothit App, you can enjoy thousands of Indian movies right now. We all love watching movies especially in our own language where we can relate more to the characters. With this, you can also enjoy plenty of them in different categories like sports, action, comedy, romance, documentary and many more. There are also short and funny videos to enjoy here when you’re not watching a movie.

Indian Web Series – Indians love their drama shows. There are a lot of lessons and things you can pick up with Indian dramas today. Enjoy a lot of web series in Hothit App now and binge-watch all of them. There are plenty of TV shows to watch that you can enjoy today. You can also record your favorite shows and rewind if you wish with this app.

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High Definition – You also don’t need to worry about the quality of the videos here. This app ensures that you’re only watching videos with the highest-quality possible.

Original Content – With Hothit App, you can also enjoy original content from this app today. Here, you can enjoy Indian-made content right from your phone and enjoy.

Download Hothit App APK – Latest version

If you want to enjoy local Indian movies and shows, download Hothit App today and enjoy!

Download Hothit App [4.31 Mb]
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