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Zen Idle: Gravity Meditation APK 1.4.14

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Information de Zen Idle: Gravity Meditation APK 1.4.14

NomZen Idle: Gravity Meditation
Compatible avec4.1
Dernière version1.4.14
Lien Google Play com.TechTreeGames.ZenIdle
Taille48.35 MB
Catégorie Simulation

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LA DESCRIPTION Zen Idle: Gravity Meditation

Ever get overwhelmed by the fast pace of 21st century life? Want to take a moment to relax, sit back, and enjoy some quiet meditation? In this age of mobile phones and technology it’s not always easy to take the time you need to relax. This is where Zen Idle: Gravity Meditation steps in. Developed by Kongregate games, that old classic of mobile gaming history, this game is designed to give you peace and relaxation during crazy times.


At its core, Zen Idle: Gravity Meditation is extremely straightforward. It’s a bit like one of those arcade games, where you drop the penny into the machine and watch it tumble down to the bottom. The satisfying music, patterns and randomness are pretty soothing, and doesn’t take much of your brain to comprehend. While you can just let the balls fall to the bottom of the screen, you can also tap on the different balls to give them a speed boost, which leads into the rest of the fascinating features of this fun Android game.

Best Features of Zen Idle: Gravity Meditation

Since the release of the first Zen Idle game, there have been lots of improvements. Lots of added features keep this game fresh and exciting, perfect for time spent at home, on the bus, or just chilling in the sun. While the game is fairly simple the added features contribute lots to the gameplay – boost your income, unlock special upgrades, and much, much more. Keep reading to find out all the great features.

Power-ups and Boosting Your Income

Although you have to simply watch the ball’s fall, different balls earn you different amounts of income. As you progress through the game you can unlock different balls that will earn you more money, which in turn means you can unlock different balls. The game keeps accelerating like this, on and on, until you’ve turned into Zen Idle powerhouse. There are unique multipliers to keep your eye on, and there is a little bit of math involved, but nothing too taxing.


Collect Cards, Improve your Gameplay

As you complete the levels in Zen Idle you’ll get your hands on different upgrade cards. These are used to increase the value of your balls, the speed at which they fall, and can even have a different effect on the levels. Some cards are better than others and you’ll want to prioritise certain cards to race through the game, although you can take it at your own pace. Incremental games, like Zen Idle, are designed to be taken as slowly or as quickly as you want.

New Perks Keep the Game Interesting

As well as cards and unlockables, there are also different perks you can unlock. These apply to your general gameplay and not specific balls, earning you more money or speeding up the game. These perks stick around once you prestige (which is basically ending the game and starting all over with advantages). This means the gameplay essentially never really ends, and you can continuously play on and on until you’re earning more money than you know what to do with.


Prestiging Keeps the Game Going

One of the best features of incremental games, like Zen Idle: Gravity Meditation, is the fact you can prestige. This means you choose when to reset your levels and start all over, with each prestige earning you more bonuses and you can keep some of your cards and perks as you go. If you’ve ever played a game like Cookie Clicker or Clicker Heroes, you should know all about prestiging. This offers tonnes of replayability and keeps the game fresh even if you’ve sunk hundreds of hours into it, leaving it running in the background on your phone to keep accruing more and more points. Hours of endless fun!

Earn Progress Even as You’re Not Playing

Incremental games are ideal for those who don’t have lots of time to be sat on their phone, whether it be because of other commitments of sitting at your desk at work. This is because they stack progress even when you’re not active on the game. On Zen Idle: Gravity Meditation the balls keep falling even if you’re not looking at them, and if you return after a day or two you’ll have loads and loads of points to improve your stats! This gives you an awesome sense of progression and won’t eat up all your time. Alternatively, you can micromanage everything. Staying active means you can choose exactly your next steps.


Ads and Currency Progression

Like any other mobile game, there are some problems with ad time and how your rewards are calculated daily. Tips and tricks to avoid this is to use a different version of Zen Idle, and to make sure you’re logging into the game at decent intervals to pick up your rewards. Some calculations can appear a bit wrong if you’re away from the game too long, so keep that in mind.

Tips and Tricks for Zen Idle

Incremental games and idle games are all about making the most of what’s at your disposal. Knowing when to prestige your game is crucial, and you should think about prestiging whenever you can. The boosts you get with each prestige accelerate your gameplay much faster, and applying boosts and managing your perks is extremely useful. Really though, the game is designed for you to play peacefully, without too much stress.

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