Idle Tuber APK 1.4.1

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Information de Idle Tuber APK 1.4.1

Nom Idle Tuber
Compatible avec 4.1
Dernière version 1.4.1
Développeuse DoubleJump
Lien Google Play com.doublejump.idletuber
Prix Libre
Taille 48.79 MB
Catégorie Simulation

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YouTube was created in 2005 and now, it’s one of the biggest websites around. This simple video sharing platform back then has now become the second largest search engine apart from Google! Because of its popularity, it currently houses billions of videos on YouTube and growing! If you’re a fan of YouTube, then you’ll love this game.


Idle Tuber is a game developed by DoubleJump. The game has over a hundred thousand downloads in Google Play Store and counting. In this game, you get to play as a YouTuber of your own! Aside from that, you can create videos, unlock new games to record on, hire editors, collect real YouTubers and more! There are basically tons of things you can do in this game. Read on to learn more.

What is Idle Tuber?

Over the years, YouTube has become more than just a video sharing platform. For many people, it has become their livelihood. And for many more people, it provides their daily dose of entertainment. This is why the popularity of the platform is still going up even after more than a decade of existing. If you love YouTube, then you’ll love this game!


Idle Tuber is a YouTube simulation game that allows you to create your own YouTuber! In here, you can record videos to gain views. You can also unlock new games to create content with. And to help you grow, you can hire your very own editors! But most importantly, you can collect 33 real YouTubers such as Crainer, Molt, NickatNyte, Leah Ashe, and more! Compete in the top leaderboards and spread out your name! Read on to learn more.

Features of Idle Tuber

Idle Tuber is an awesome simulation game that allows you to create your own YouTuber! Create plenty of content and collect real YouTubers in this game! Here are the features:

Unique game – There have been a lot of YouTube simulation games over the years. Their popularity continues to skyrocket as the platform still grows. But if you’re looking for one of the best YouTube simulation games out there, then Idle Tuber is for you! In this game, you’ll experience the ultimate game on being a YouTuber! Create your own unique character, record videos and unlock rooms! There are also plenty of YouTubers to collect so you can climb the leaderboards! Can you succeed and become a YouTube sensation?


Create your own character – In this game, you can create your very own character! You can freely select the gender, face, hair style and color, as well as the outfits! There are plenty of choices to make in this game. You can create a version of yourself or mimic popular YouTubers! It’s completely up to you.

Record, hire and more! – In this game, the primary way to earn money and level up is to record videos! You’ll need tons of views to be recognized. At the beginning, you only get to record a limited number of videos since you’re just starting. But as you progress, you’ll get to record more videos, unlock more games and rooms as well as editors! This will allow you to gain more subscribers so you can climb the global leaderboards where PewDiePie reigns!

Collect real YouTubers – What makes this game so exciting is that you can hire 33 real YouTubers to help you create content! These YouTubers include NickatNyte, Leah Ashe, ZephPlayz, RussoPlays, SSundee, Crainer and more! These YouTubers cost money to obtain but they’ll help you get your videos in front of more people!


Impressive Graphics – Idle Tuber features a 2D cartoon graphics that plays well with the theme. The character designs and the overall aesthetic makes this game so popular!

Download Idle Tuber APK for Free – Latest version

Idle Tuber is an awesome and unique simulation game that allows you to experience what its like to be a YouTuber! Download  now.


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