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Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush APK 2.85

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Information de Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush APK 2.85

Nom Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush
Compatible avec 4.1
Dernière version 2.85
Développeuse Bounce Global
Lien Google Play
Prix Libre
Taille 29M
Catégorie Adventure

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LA DESCRIPTION Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush

There is part of us all that wants to just escape the city and dig down into some undiscovered cave or tomb – Indiana Jones style. It’s a natural part of the human psyche to want to explore things that no one else has seen before. And if there happens to be some treasure involved, then all the better!


Diamond Quest is the ultimate adventure travel game that takes you on a quest for wealth and glory around the far corners of the globe and into the dark depths of humanity’s past. You’ll find all sorts of obstacles and dangerous things along the way. Will you come out of your adventure rich, or will you wind up six feet under?

Challenging and intelligent gameplay

The gameplay in Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush is similar in some ways to a classic Pokémon game – at least, the blocks and movement kind of look the same. That’s about where the similarities end, however. You’ll have to solve complex puzzles to progress through the levels until you eventually reach a boss level. The bosses aren’t going to go down without a fight, but in defeating them you’ll gain the riches that you so desire.

Enemies. You’ll encounter all sorts of enemies as you progress through the game, including monkeys, turtles, snakes, and just obstacles that could kill if you’re not careful. This is arcade gaming at its very best. The enemies are similar to those that you’d find in a Mario game, and you can defeat them with your hammer.

Big boss. Watch out for the big boss – this guy will easily kill you, so you’ll need to be prepared to put up a fight. The bosses in the game aren’t to be taken lightly – they’re require you to use the best tactical conditioning that you can muster. There are bosses at the end of every level, and once you’ve defeated them, you’ll pass to the next stage – and ever closer to the ultimate prize.


Travel the world. You’ll also get the chance to travel to some of the world’s most mysterious and uncharted places – the caves of Tibet, or the jungles around Ankor Wat – there is no limit to the extreme adventures that you’ll undertake in order to claim victory. If you’ve got a belly full of wanderlust, then this is certainly the game for you. Enjoy!

Weapons. You wouldn’t travel deep into the uncharted without some weapons, would you? You can choose between the enchanted hammer, the freezer hammer that can freeze anything it whacks, and more. Choose your weapon and go about taking out the many terrifying foes that stand in your way.

Solve puzzles. It isn’t all just action and adventure, though. There are also loads of complex puzzles to tease your brain with throughout the missions. How will you manage to move the boulders around correctly to be able to reach the diamonds? When there’s a will, there’s a way, and you’ll soon figure it out. Concentrate hard and – most of all – don’t rush! If you rush the puzzles, then you’ll risk having a boulder come crashing down on your head.

Tips for playing Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush

You’ll want some tips to make sure that you don’t die early on in the game. Here are some of our top choices of tips and tricks to make sure that you’re getting the best gaming experience when enjoying Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush.


Don’t rush. As the title suggests, you really do want to take you time when playing this game. There are plenty of puzzles and obstacles and if you’re not careful – or patient – then you’ll end up dying pretty quickly. Many of these temples and caves have booby traps and dangerous boulders and so on. If you’re not careful, then you’ll find yourself dead before long. Make sure that you’re always taking your time and that you don’t rush too much.

Upgrade your dude. You can upgrade your weapons and gear as you get more diamonds. Make sure that you’re doing this frequently to maximize the benefits of having better gear in the game. You’ll find it much easier to combat bosses if you’ve got better weapons and explorer gear.


Jump in the water. Sometimes, you’ll need to take the plunge to save your skin. Don’t worry – your little guy can swim and hold his breath under water for some time. If you need to escape quickly, then the water is usually there for that reason, so don’t be afraid to hold your breath!


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