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Dead Warfare Mod APK 2.17.20

Download DEAD WARFARE: Zombie Survival mod APK – latest version – for Android to choose your weapon and class and fight through the hordes of the undead.


Information de Dead Warfare Mod APK 2.17.20

Nom Dead Warfare
Compatible avec 4.4
Dernière version 2.17.20
Lien Google Play
Prix Libre
Taille 108.87 MB
Catégorie Action

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Choose you weapon and prepare for the fight of your life. Download DEAD WARFARE: Zombie Shooting mod APK for Android now and take part in an epic battle across the wastelands that are left of civilization. Your mission is to get to Death Valley in the Middle East, but you won’t just be able to stroll in like a morning walk – you’re going to need to shoot your way through the millions of zombies that are infesting the planet.


Join up with a team and choose a class to play as, then choose your trusty killing machine and get to work mowing down the undead. You’ll need to work together to overcome the undead – as well as the other humans who are out to steal your stuff and take you out.

Gather together more survivors if you can, but beware, the intentions of others can be quite sinister. Perhaps the biggest threat out there isn’t the zombies after all.

Survive the zombie apocalypse

The year is 2072. The zombie apocalypse is upon us, and it’s up to you and your team to find the source of the infection and put it to rest – once and for all. You group – called MPS-16 – are the only ones left capable of ending this war. It’s a war that everyone is involved in whether they like it or not.


Choose your class

In DEAD WARFARE mod APK, you can choose from different classes to make an epic warrior who will fight and help turn the tide of the war. Your character’s look and special abilities will differ depending on the class you choose. Some classes are supporting roles, such as the medic, while others take a more aggressive and hands on approach to combat.

Choose your weapon

There are a wide variety of weapons to choose from in DEAD WARFARE mod APK, which means you’ll be able to kill in your own style. Are you a covert sniper who picks off enemies from afar, or are you a brawling behemoth with a chain gun who blasts hordes of enemies into the dust with immeasurable power? Choose the weapon that is right for you and blast your enemies into the dust.


Make awesome upgrades

All your gear can be upgraded to make it more lethal and to ensure that you’re not hitting the deck after absorbing just a little bit of damage. Make sure that you’re investing in the right upgrades to make your weapons and armor more powerful so that you can last longer in the fight. Your teammates are counting on you.

Fight online for free

The world of DEAD WARFARE: Zombie Shooting mod APK isn’t just occupied by you and your teammates – it’s also home to millions of other players who are fighting for their own survival. You’ll have to guard your base and team from other players online. This means that you can expect some massive shootouts and open warfare in the ruined streets and buildings of this world.


Rank up in PVP games

You can fight in PVP games against other players online and rank up as the best sniper in the game. There are various ways to rank up and show off your skills against other players online. This isn’t just about killing zombies – it’s also about being the best fighter among the humans!

DEAD WARFARE: Zombie Shooting mod APK – Unlimited ammo, Max health

Ready to join in the action? Download DEAD WARFARE: Zombie Shooting mod APK unlimited ammo and max health now to get in on the action and destroy the hordes of evil zombies that are threatening humanity. Fight against other people online and claim your spot at the top of the rankings. Enjoy!


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