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Information of Viamaker APK 1.3.0

Compatible with5.0
Latest version1.3.0
DeveloperBytedance Pte. Ltd.
Google play link com.lemon.lvoverseas
Size19.87 MB
Category Video players & editors

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Video editing is easy when you use Viamaker, one of the most popular editing apps on Android. Whether you’re cutting down clips to show to your friends, or posting videos online of a concert or your own music, Viamaker is perfect for the casual and the professional videographer. In this age of social media, everyone likes to show off their special moments, and with this video editing app you can craft those moments to be extra special. Add effects, trim the clips, and do all sort of other editing wizardry with this app.


This editing app is easy to use for both newcomers to editing and those who already know how to make cool changes. Viamaker also introduces lots of other great features, such as stickers, fonts and filters to bring your clips to life. We’ll go into more detail about those different features below so you know why it’s a good idea to download Viamaker! Whether you want to show off a few holiday snaps in a crafted video, or captured a funny moment on the train, this app makes it easy to create high-quality videos to use online.

Best Features of Viamaker

Viamaker goes above and beyond an ordinary video editing app. While you can do all the ordinary things you might expect, like clipping videos, trimming down clips, and reversing/adding slow motion, this app also brings lots of other new features to the mix. You can add special effects, text, fonts, filters, and much more. Read on to find out more about Viamaker and even some tips about how to bring your videos to life! You won’t need another video editing app after you try this one out.


Viamaker Is Easy To Use

The team at Bytedance, the devs behind this useful app, have obviously taken inspiration from other popular video editing apps on the market. The main purpose of Viamaker is to be as easy to use as possible, that anyone who wants to edit their clips can do, and do it simply via this app. There are lots of editing apps on Android, but this one is free, features limited adverts, and can do everything you need it to do in just one location. This saves you from having to download lots of other apps to do simple editing tasks.

Add Fun Stickers And Text

Want to add something extra to your video? You can add all sorts of stickers and text from a huge library built into the Viamaker app. There are funny fonts, perfect for making memes or sharing your stories! The stickers are there to bring a little life and color to your videos, and you might even be able to create something really special! Take a browse through all the available stickers and fonts to find the ones that suit you and start editing today.


Add Special Effects To Your Videos

Want to create amazing clips? Viamaker has a library of special effects you can use to add something unique to your video. There are filters which work in all sorts of different ways, whether it be adding rainbows to your image, or brightening up very dark film so you can see everything more clearly. Also, you can add sparkles, colour, animation and lots of other features. To check out the whole library, download Viamaker and start browsing through the effect database – there is so much to choose from!

A Massive Library Of Music Which You Can Use For Free In Your Videos

Finding the right music for your video is always a bit tricky, especially when you have to search for ages for something decent to add in. Thankfully, Viamaker takes care of this for you – it includes a massive library of free music, including popular tunes from platforms like TikTok. You can search through the library with different filters to find dance music, classic music, and lots of other genres you think might work for your video.


High Quality Output

Some video editing apps will totally ruin the quality of your videos with low quality effects and rendering. Viamaker makes sure to retain the quality of your clips at the resolution you record them at, so if your phone is recording in 1080p anything you do in Viamaker will retain that quality. That makes it easy to create high-quality clips for social media, whether it be Instagram or Facebook. The advanced filters and beauty effects can also be used to add clarity to your video, by sharpening and brightening the image.

Probably The Best Video Editing App on Android

Viamaker is widely popular and is getting more and more popular by the day. Now used by a lot of TikTok users, many appreciate the unique features of this app, as well as the fact there are next to no adverts in this app. Many of the features are also included for free, which means you don’t have to bother about paying for premium add-ons like other editing apps. Viamaker is definitely worth a try, especially if you’re on the look out for a fantastic video editing app!

Download Viamaker APK for Free – Latest version

Viamaker apk is the best app to edit your videos for TikTok, Instagram and other social media, with effects and mre!

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