Play Store APK 19.7.12

Download Play Store APK – latest version – free for Android to get the world’s biggest collection of mobile apps and games, movies, eBooks and more, all in one place.


Información sobre Play Store APK 19.7.12

Nombre Play Store
Compatible con Android 4.2
Última versión 19.7.12
Desarrollador Google
Precio Gratis
Tamaño 20.6M
Categoría Herramientas
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Whatever you’re looking for on mobile – apps, games, or movies – you can find it all in one place. Download the Play Store APK now if you’ve managed to accidentally delete it off your phone. The Google Play Store is the default one and only place to find all the apps and games that you need to keep yourself entertained.


The Google Play Store is the premiere shop for all things mobile. If you’ve uninstalled the Play Store from your mobile and want to download it again, then doing so is simple.

All the world’s apps in one place

The Google Play Store has millions of apps and games. Whether you’re looking for a game, a movie, a book, or an app to make you more productive, you’ll find it all on the Play Store. The store is easy to use and all of the apps and game within it have been tested by Google themselves – so you should be able to rest peacefully knowing that you can’t get any viruses on your phone from using it.

Secure store

The Google Play Store is official and is backed up by one of the world’s largest tech companies. You can rest assured that security and privacy are protected when using the Play Store. That being said, always make sure that you read the private policy of any app that you install, as well as pay attention to the permissions that the app requires.


Checking permissions

All apps require you to give up different permissions – sometimes it’s just your name and email, while other times it is your location and contacts, and so on. Never give out more than you’re comfortable with and remember that some apps will sell your data to third-parties. This is not something that Google can control.


Movies and books

The Google Play Store is known to most people as predominantly an app store, but they also sell movies and books. You can find all sorts of titles – but always check the prices. Sometimes, you might be better off paying for a monthly subscription Netflix or Amazon Kindle than buying multiple movies and books from the Play Store. Consider how much money you’ll spend in the long run and make your own mind up.


Gamer’s paradise

The Google Play Games app can be downloaded separately on the Google Play Store APK and it allows you to save your progress in any games that you download. This makes the app perfect for people looking to download tons of mobile games. The Play Store has pretty much every kind of game you could possibly want – make sure to check for new releases and recommended games frequently!


Editor’s picks

The Play Store APK learns about you based on your purchases and downloads through them and it will recommend you some titles which you’ll probably enjoy. This is one of the cooler things about the Play Store APK – you can use it to find so many awesome apps and games on your mobile.


Manage subscriptions

The Play Store app makes it super easy to manage all of your subscriptions in one place. You don’t need to go onto the individual apps and check for your subscriptions. Instead, you just need to go onto the Play Store app and go to Subscriptions to manage or cancel any of them.

Play Store APK for Android – Latest version

If you want access to all these great features, then simply download the Play Store APK onto your mobile now and get your fingertips onto all the best apps and games that there are for mobile. It’s totally free and a breeze to use. Ready? Let’s go!

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