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My Singing Monsters APK 3.0.3

Download My Singing Monsters APK latest version – breed monsters on your very own island and have them develop an amazing song in this fun game.


Información sobre My Singing Monsters APK 3.0.3

Nombre My Singing Monsters
Compatible con 5.0+
Última versión 3.0.3
Desarrollador Big Blue Bubble
Enlace a Google Play com.bigbluebubble.singingmonsters.full
Precio Gratis
Tamaño 33.39 MB
Categoría Música

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Description My Singing Monsters

When it comes to totally random fun, My Singing Monsters is up there in the top 1%. The game is about growing, feed, and nurturing a troop of monsters on your very own island. You can grow and breed all sorts of monsters and make hybrids by mixing them together.


But these aren’t those horrible “I’m going to eat your brains” monsters – these guys actually sing to you. The more monsters you breed, the more their collective song develops. Once you’ve got enough monsters, your island’s song will echo throughout the region and be heard by everyone (read: you and all the people you share it with).

Once you’re content that you’ve built a glorious enough island and made a wonderful song with all your monsters, you’ll have the option to explore new worlds to build up even more islands. Enjoy!

Grow your island and monsters

Who hasn’t wanted to own their own island? Everyone has dreamed at some point of owning their very own beach resort out in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. It’s likely that those people didn’t envision that they’d have a load of monsters on that island, but then, beggars can’t be choosers.

As you develop your island, you’ll have the chance to decorate it any way you see fit. The idea of the game is to build your island up until it’s the kind of place you’d want to live in. You can decorate in a variety of ways, including adding cool structures, statues, plants, buildings, and so on. Make your island a paradise for your monsters and they’ll be happier to sing you a great song.


Once you’ve got some monsters, you can start breeding them and leveling them up – the higher level your monsters, the bigger and better they’ll look and the better their song will be. Level up all of your monsters and breed hybrids to make the best song you can – and have fun along the way!

Tips for playing My Singing Monsters

When it comes to building your dream island for your monsters, there are some simply tips that’ll help you along your way. Make sure you pay attention to them.


Make sure that when you’re breeding your monsters, you’re trying to have one with a higher level than the other. This will produce a higher level offspring.

Get more coins

By feeding more monsters more snacks of a lower level, you’ll actually get more coins than feeding less monsters treats at a higher level. Try to do this more often to get more in-game currency to spend on decorating your island.


Create a second account to level yourself up

It’s a cheeky move, but you can actually create a second account to level yourself up more. You can level up each of your accounts with the other one. This is a good strategy for those looking to get the maximum out of their gaming experience.

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