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Dragon Village city sim mania Mod APK 12.06

Download Dragon Village Mod APK Latest Version free for Android. Raise a dragon from an egg and train it to battle and grow even more powerful.


Información sobre Dragon Village city sim mania Mod APK 12.06

Nombre Dragon Village city sim mania
Compatible con 4.1
Última versión 12.06
Desarrollador Tap Pocket
Enlace a Google Play com.ziau.magicdragonvillage
Precio Gratis
Tamaño 99.41 MB
Categoría Simulación

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Description Dragon Village city sim mania

Become a wizard whose goal is clear in mind – train powerful and mythical flying creatures from an egg into adulthood. That’s right, we are talking about dragons. Do you think you can handle the responsibility of training your very own dragons? Download Dragon Village for Android to find out whether you can own your own village full of these creatures or not.

Playing the Game

You will start the game by being introduced to your very first dragon. As a wizard, it is your job to raise and train these mythical creatures into peak conditions. Grab an egg and wait for it to hatch into a baby drag. From this point, the training will begin.

You can buy different – Habitats, Dragons, Buildings, and Resources in order to improve the overall quality of your village.

Feed your dragons

You can feed your dragons fruit in order for them to gain experience. Feed them tons of fruit to watch them level up. The higher their level, the stronger they will naturally become. These dragons also have the ability to evolve into even more powerful versions of themselves.

Watch your cute little dragon transform into a powerful and unstoppable force.

Battle Your Dragons

Aside from raising your dragons, they can also be used to battle against others. When you are in the process of training your scaly pets, you can send them to fight against random enemies. Here, the game takes on an idle type of gameplay style. Your dragons will fight for you and attack with what options they seem fit for the moment.


Once your pets are all trained up and ready for a real challenge, you can enter PvP. In this mode, you will pit your creatures against other players from all over the world. Test your strengths in this turn-based combat challenge.

Furthermore, you should make sure to keep your pets in top condition before sending them out to battle. Each of these mythical creatures has a certain element, which is more powerful than others. You will need to use this to your advantage to claim victory.


Dragon Village is also a great looking game. Every aspect is fully rendered in 2D with slick animations and clean graphics.

Your village is displayed from a bird’s eye perspective. This way, you can manage all activity that occurs within your land. The general feeling of this portion of the game is similar to a simulator game. Which makes sense, as you are managing your dragons at this phase.


Next is the battling part of the game. The dragons are stylized in such a great way. Each one is unique and exploding with personality. It’s easy to distinguish every dragon apart and even become attached to some over others.

Dragon Village Mod APK Free Download

What’s more, you can also download the Dragon Village Mod APK latest version in order to gain a few additional benefits from the original version. With these, you can get a head start in your dragon training. This is perfect for people who don’t have a lot of time on their hands. Additionally, you can break the system to skip the tedious grinding of battles and raising your drags.


That being said, when you download the modified APK you get the following:

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Resources


So, go ahead and get the Dragon Village Mod APK unlimited money and gems download for Android now!


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