BitLife Español Mod APK 3.13.14 (Unlimited Money, Bitizenship, God Mode)

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Download BitLife Español APK Mod– para Android para vivir la vida de la manera que quieras en este épico simulador de la vida real. ¿Hacer millones o convertirte en un vagabundo? Encuéntralo ahora.

BitLife Español Mod APK 3.13.14 (Unlimited Money, Bitizenship, God Mode)
Vista general
Nombre BitLife
Compatible con Android 5.0+
Última versión 3.13.14
Tamaño 189.32 Mb
Categoría Simulation
Desarrollador Candywriter, LLC
Precio Free
Enlace de Google Play com.candywriter.bitlife

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Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you’d made different choices? If you’d studied harder or taken more risks, or even taken less risks? With BitLife mod apk time machine, you can see exactly how your life would have played out if you’d lived it differently.


Developed by Candywriter, LLC, the life simulator is one of the most ambitious and far reaching we’ve ever seen before. There is so much stuff that you can do in the game that at times it gets a little bit overwhelming.

Live life you way

In BitLife, you get to choose what you dedicate your time to every year. You can choose to study harder, take up hobbies, date girls, get married, have kids, or just go full on rebel through the whole thing. Which path will you choose? There are some paths that will be easier than others. For example, having a high-paying job is obviously something that will earn you extra bonuses in the game and make the gameplay a little easier. You could also opt to marry some old fart and wait for them to hit the deck so you can run off with the inheritance. There are many paths to choose… Life simulators are notoriously addictive, and this game is no different. You’ll end up spending hours watching your character succeed or fail. The funny thing is, the lessons that apply to succeeding in this game are essentially the same as in real life: work hard, don’t pursue bad habits, and keep good relationships with the people around you. If you do these things well, then you’ll succeed, much like in the real world.

Tips for playing BitLife

As with any game, having some tips at hand when going into the experience will help you to come out on top. This is very much the case in BitLife. We’ve put together some top tips to help you succeed in your virtual life – pay attention.


Study hard. Alright, dad, calm down. But seriously, as parental as it might sound, studying hard early in the game is the best way to ensure that you get a good (and high-paying) job, and that you don’t have much student debt (thank you, scholarship). You’ll have the option to choose ‘Study harder’ at the beginning of each New Year – this is definitely something that you should do.

Get some hobbies. A good place to start is in the gym. Regularly working out will increase your looks and make you more desirable as a result. Make sure that you try out new hobbies throughout your life and keep consistent with them – your health and wellbeing will thank you in the long run.

Strike up conversation. Don’t be a miserable bastard, try to actually talk to the people around you and spend time with them. You’ll often run into disagreements with people about stuff – this is where you get the choice of how to react. You can agree to disagree, assault them, or just argue your point. Choose wisely. We got into an argument with our brother and he hit us with a sword and we had to start the game again… yeah.

Keep good relationships with your parents. Keeping your relationships with your parents in the green is important and they might leave you a hefty inheritance when they hit the deck. Keep things cool with them and they’ll be good to you in the long run.

bitlife life simulator for android

Try to get more popular. Being popular in school is about as easy in the game as it is in real life. We tried to interact with someone in class and they called us a twat. So, if you’re not really good looking, then the likelihood is that you’ll experience a similar result. You can, however, find some people that will tolerate you and it helps to give them gifts. Ask your parents for money to afford gifts. Marry an old rich person. It sounds a bit messed up, but seriously, you can make bank by just marrying some old bint and getting the inheritance when they die. This may sound exactly like how you’d move to succeed in real life – that’s because it basically is.

Características de la última versión de BitLife Br Mod Apk

BitLife BR Mod APK Premium Mediafire ofrece una variedad de características interesantes que mejoran tu experiencia de juego. Este mod incluye:

  • Dinero ilimitado: disfrute de una riqueza infinita para que su vida virtual sea lujosa y sin preocupaciones.
  • Funciones premium desbloqueadas: acceda a todas las funciones premium sin gastar un centavo, mejorando su juego con contenido exclusivo.
  • Experiencia sin publicidad: juega sin interrupciones, lo que garantiza una experiencia fluida e inmersiva.

¡Descárgalo ahora y experimenta BitLife como nunca antes!

BitLife Español MOD APK

If you want to make life easier, then download the BitLife Español MOD APK.Try it out now to have a much easier time in this life simulator game.

Descargar BitLife [189.32 Mb]


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