ES Truck Simulator ID APK 1.1.6

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We all know how trucks can be a challenging vehicle to drive. But if you’re someone who wants to try it, download ES Truck Simulator ID now and try!

ES Truck Simulator ID APK 1.1.6
Name ES Truck Simulator ID
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 1.1.6
Size 154.72 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer ESproject
Price Free
Google Play Link com.Esproject.ESTS

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There are a lot of trucks on the road at any given time. They carry a lot of different things from logs to food and even furniture. They are an essential part of the community as they move a lot of essential things at once. But we all know that they’re not that easy to drive. But if you’re someone who wants to try driving them, then you can do so in ES Truck Simulator ID.

ES Truck Simulator ID Mod APK

A game developed by ESproject, this is a game that has become popular overtime. It’s one of the most realistic truck driving game you can ever play right now especially for Indonesians. Instead of the Western roads, you’ll drive in realistic conditions. This means that there are different driving conditions, tight roads, real textures and different trucks to try!

Realistic Truck Driving

Ask any truck driver you meet and they’ll tell you that their job isn’t easy. This is true for all truck drivers around the world. But this job especially becomes significantly difficult in Southeast Asian roads where every road isn’t optimized for driving. Here, you’ll be driving close to the trees, houses and other cars. Most of the roads are one-way so you’ll need to be precise in your driving.

ES Truck Simulator ID APK Latest Version

You’ll experience what this is like in ES Truck Simulator ID. This game perfectly demonstrates what it’s like to drive in such conditions. Here, you’ll be doing different delivery jobs using different delivery trucks. But what’s impressive are the realistic roads that you’ll encounter. More than that, there’s plenty of customizations you can do to your truck. You can load different skins, select different vehicles and even loads. This game pits you in the driver seat as you can adjust the different camera angles. This is one of the most realistic truck driving game you can ever play!

Highlights of ES Truck Simulator ID

There are a number of truck simulator games on the market today. But if you want a realistic experience closer to home, you should play ES Truck Simulator ID.

ES Truck Simulator ID APK Free Download

Extreme map – Most truck simulators are set in either America or Europe. While this is fine for the most part, it sets an unrealistic experience for Southeast Asian gamers. This is because these gamers don’t have the luxury of nice and long roads like they do in the West. But thanks to the game ES Truck Simulator ID, you can now experience a more realistic map. The map in this game is one of the most realistic and the most challenging one to drive a truck in. That’s because every road suits just one vehicle at a time. You’ll need pin-point accuracy and skills when driving here. Everything is close to the road such as the trees, houses and the cars. You’ll also be able to turn on the real damage feature so you will take care of your vehicle more.

Real Trucks – All of the trucks you’ll see here are based on real-life vehicles. This adds a realistic touch to the game that you can’t get in other popular truck driving simulation games. Here, you’ll enjoy different types of trucks with different backs. There are small, medium and large trucks to choose from!

Download ES Truck Simulator ID For Android

Different skins – This game also highlights different skins that you can apply to your truck. These are realistic skins as you’ll see these in trucks in the real world. They are mostly just ads for companies but they look good on trucks. This makes the game all the more realistic to play! There are a lot of skins to choose from so you can always change it if you want. Show off your truck driving skills in style!

Superb controls – The controls in ES Truck Simulator ID are as realistic as it can be. There’s a virtual steering wheel and an accelerator and a brake. You can also change the camera angle as you wish! You can opt for the more realistic experience by showing the angle of the driver inside the truck. Or if you want to maneuver in tight spaces, you may need to use the wide-angle camera that shows the truck and its immediate surroundings.

Majestic Graphics – To make this game as realistic as possible, the developers created an environment that closely resembles a town in Indonesia. This game matches the houses, roads, environment and the trucks in Indonesia so you can enjoy it.

Download ES Truck Simulator ID APK – Latest version

Play the most realistic truck driving simulation game! Download ES Truck Simulator ID now and enjoy all the skins and trucks.

Download ES Truck Simulator ID [154.72 Mb]


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