Down the Hole Mod APK 23 (Free upgrade)

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Are you searching for a new puzzle game? Try Down the Hole Mod APK now! Solve puzzles by attaching balloons and rockets to a puppet and into the hole.

Down the Hole Mod APK 23 (Free upgrade)
Name Down the Hole
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 23
Size 62.79 Mb
MOD Free upgrade
Category Puzzle
Developer Supersonic Studios LTD
Price Free
Google Play Link com.ISAAC.DOWNTHEHOLE
MOD Features +
  1. Unlimited Gems (Increase on spending)
  2. No ads


Download Down The Hole Mod APK – Unique Puzzle Game

Today, the puzzle genre has many amazing games like Unblock Me, Block Puzzle, Roll the Ball, and many more. Nowadays, you can have fun with a unique puzzle game each day since there are too many.

With so many fantastic puzzle games to choose from, you can be a bit disorientated. But Down the Hole is a sure hit with you if you love balloons and puzzles! This is a game from Supersonic Studios that makes use of unique tactics.

down the hole mod apk

In this fantastic game, the goal is to put the puppet in the hole at each level. At the start, you’ll be able to complete them since they’re easy easily. But as you go further, you’ll see many levels that are filled with obstacles.

Here, you can attach balloons to your puppet so that it will float in the air. Then, you can also attach rockets so that you can make them go anywhere you want.

Attach Balloons to a Puppet

If you’re a fan of puzzle games, then you can have fun with so many of them right now. There are many types of puzzle games available, from jigsaws to classic games to pinballs and more.

down the hole apk

But the most amazing games today are the ones that are simple enough yet amazing to play. These are games that are in the casual and puzzle territory, but you can enjoy them thoroughly. One of the best games in this genre is Down the Hole!

The goal of this game is for you to put the puppet in the hole at various levels. Since the puppet can’t move independently, you’ll need some valuable items like balloons and rockets. You can attach countless balloons to the puppet so that it will float today.

Then, you can also attach rockets to the puppet so you can propel them to anywhere you want. Here, you’ll enjoy various levels with different obstacles and puzzles that you must solve.

down the hole mod apk latest version

You can also attach rockets and balloons to various objects here to solve the puzzle!

Features of Down the Hole

If you’re an avid fan of puzzles, Down the Hole is a must-play today. Have fun with the most fantastic puzzle game today.

A Unique Puzzle – There are plenty of fantastic puzzle games that you can download right now. If you’re someone who enjoys solving puzzles, then you can have fun with many of them today. There are classic games like Chess, Pinball and modern ones like Brain Test, Thief Puzzle, etc.

download down the hole for android

One look at the genre section in the Google Play Store, and you’ll see so many enjoyable games to play. You’ll also find Down the Hole there as it’s a new and unique puzzle game.

This is a game that tests your understanding of physics today. In here, you’ll need to be able to get the puppet in the hole at each level. To do that, you can attach balloons or rockets to the puppet today.

You’ll need to be creative here as there will be many obstacles like wood, balls, and others today. You can also collect the diamonds that are scattered throughout so you can unlock new puppets today! Have fun solving enjoyable puzzles today.

down the hole mod apk free download

Enjoyable levels – In Down the Hole, you’ll be able to play in many levels today. Each level is designed uniquely than the other so you can enjoy a fun time here. You’ll need to go through many obstacles where the goal is to get the puppet in the hole.

To do this, you’ll be able to attach balloons and rockets to your puppet today. Release your creative juices today and find a way out of the predicament and into the hole.

Unlock new puppets – In this game, you can collect various diamonds on different levels. You can then use these to unlock new puppets that you can use today. Have fun with other colored puppets and styles in the game!

down the hole mod apk unlimited money

Amazing graphics – The game follows realistic physics and smooth animations! Enjoy a crisp game that you can have fun with every day.

Download Down the Hole Mod APK – Free upgrade

If you’re searching for the ultimate puzzle game, Down the Hole is the game since you can enjoy it now.

Download Down the Hole [62.79 Mb]
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