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Jurassic World: The Game APK 1.47.2

Download Jurassic World: The Game APK – latest version – Free for Android to build and manage your very own dinosaur park and watch epic dinosaur battles.


Informationen von Jurassic World: The Game APK 1.47.2

Name Jurassic World: The Game
Kompatibel mit 4.3
Letzte Version 1.47.2
Entwickler Ludia Inc.
Google play link com.ludia.jurassicworld
Preis Frei
Größe 36.25 MB
Kategorie Simulationsspiele

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DESCRIPTION Jurassic World: The Game

Manage your own dinosaur park on Isla Sorna and challenge dinosaurs against one another in epic battles. Download Jurassic World: The Game APK to experience the strategy and dedication of a tycoon game with the trill and excitement of Jurassic Park.


If you love building cities, fighting dinosaurs, or just generally playing a fun and addictive simulation game on mobile, then Jurassic World: The Game APK is right up your alley. The game challenges you to build and then manage a dinosaur park of epic proportions while trying to get more visitors through your gates.


Sounds easy? Don’t you remember what happened in all the Jurassic Park movies? Yeah, things don’t always go to plan! Make sure your dinosaurs don’t escape by investing in cutting edge security. Breed them together to make new and interesting species and challenge them against each other in epic battles. You get to control the lab, the park, and the direction of the whole business.

Dinosaur fun and games

The game is more than just a building game. You’ll be in control of developing the park so that your dinosaurs can get stronger and evolve, but this is only the surface of what you’ll be up to. You’ll also have a lot of other things on your plate as well.


Collect cards: You can get new species of dinosaur by collecting card packs. Get a new card pack every day to maximize your chances of unlocking some of the coolest dinosaurs in the 150+ roster of species.

Fight online: Challenge other players from around the world to epic battles once your dinosaurs are leveled up enough. See if you can take out even the best players from around the world with your superior dinosaurs.


Live the movie: You’ll find characters from the Jurassic World movie as you progress through the game. Interact with them and see how they can help you to succeed in building the world’s premiere dinosaur park.

Tips for playing Jurassic World: The Game APK

Want to try your hand at managing a dinosaur park and fighting against opponents around the world? You’re probably going to need a couple of pointers if you’re going to have any success at this mission. Here are some top tips for playing the game to ensure that you get off to a good start.

  • Complete missions ASAP: The missions in the game aren’t just random tasks to keep you occupied – they’re generally there to prepare you for what comes next in the game. You’ll be asked to build certain facilities before getting the chance to breed new dinosaurs, or you’ll be asked to collect food for a certain dinosaur to strengthen it right before needing to fight that dinosaur against an opponent online.


  • Level up easily: If you’re willing to make the investment, then you could just build lots of decorative buildings like statues and fountains to gain an XP bonus, then sell the buildings after. You’ll only get half your money back, but the XP you gained can help you to level up quickly, which certainly has its own perks.
  • Use a high HP dino first: In battles, you can always sacrifice a strong HP dinosaur with poor attack to give you more battle points by absorbing enemy damage. These points can then be used by your more lethal dinosaurs later on in the battle. You’ll lose the first dinosaur, but that’s okay – that’s the point.

Download Jurassic World: The Game APK for free – Latest version


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