Body Race Mod APK 0.8.8 (No ads)

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If you want to enjoy a different race game, it’s time to hit the gym and eat healthy at Body Race! This is a unique type of racing game filled with different items to pick.

Body Race Mod APK 0.8.8 (No ads)
Name Body Race
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 0.8.8
Size 112.68 Mb
MOD No ads
Category Casual
Developer Gismart
Price Free
Google Play Link com.body.positive
MOD Features +
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Race games are popular since you can get past many cars or people on the way to the finish line. But since there are literally a million games on the racing genre, you’re probably tired of it by now. But what if you can play a different type of racing game where you’ll need to hit the runway and become a thin model! Here, you’ll race to the finish line but you’ll need to go through a course filled with obstacles today.

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In this game, you’ll need to choose the healthy items consistently to stay within the ideal body limit. At the start of each level, you’ll be given a goal of the ideal weight you need to maintain so you can win and unlock new dresses! But the race track is filled with food and fitness obstacles and you’ll need to become a thin model by choosing only the healthy options. Lights, camera, action – can you stay fit till the end?  

To be Healthy or Not

There are numerous racing games that you can readily play today. There are also different model races that you can play today. But if you’re into a different type of racing game, then it’s time to hit the road and play Body Race right now. This is a model race game that lets you walk that catwalk to be fit and healthy. Here, there are many obstacles that are waiting for you and a lot of them are traps!

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Here, there are different items available to pick on the course so you can lose or gain weight depending on what you pick. There are items like dumbbells, broccolis, burgers, apples, sundaes, hotdogs, tomatoes, and many more! You must consistently choose the healthy items in order to become a thin model today. At the end of the level, your weight will be tested according to the ideal weight that’s required.


Sometimes, you may need to be as fit as possible or as bulky as you can depending on the level. The good news is that you can unlock many types of dresses such as the maid, the pink skirt, the gym attire, the bikini, the student uniform and many more.

Body Race Features

It’s time to hit the runway and race in Body Race! Here, you’ll enjoy modelling and stunning people in cutting edge gameplay and graphics.

A Unique Race – There are so many modelling and racing games to play right now. If you’re someone who enjoys these categories, then it’s time to hit the runway and become the ideal model. In the game Body Race, your task is to complete the course filled with food and fitness obstacles. Here, you must run this race course by choosing the best items according to the ideal weight you need to maintain.

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There are a variety of items available today in this game which includes healthy and fatty foods. Here, you can pick up broccolis, sandwiches, ice cream, burgers, apples, hoverboards, sodas, dumbbells, veggies and many more. Each of these items will have a different effect on your body whether it will allow you to lose or gain weight. But there are different kilos you need to hit per level today!


Fun Levels – There are a lot of fun levels to play in Body Race. Here, each level has its own distinct course filled with different items. There’s also a unique goal for each one for instance – 65 kgs. Here, you must hit the mark precisely or be close enough to the range so you can proceed to the next level and unlock new dresses.

Different Items to Pick – There are different items to pick in the game Body Race mod. Here, you can pick the item you want based on your weight goal. So, if the goal is to be gain weight, then you should pick the unhealthy food options such as the burgers, ice creams, sodas, and more. Then, if you want to become a thin model, you’ll then need to choose the healthy items all the way. These includes tomatoes, hoverboards, dumbbells, and more.

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Here, you’ll need to balance your selections so you can get the outfit you need! You can’t check your weight while in the track but you can visually see it.

Collect Unique Dresses – At the end of each level, you’ll get a chance to unlock a new dress by getting the ideal weight. There are numerous dresses available today such as the red dress, black, student uniform, bikini and more.

Download Body Race Mod APK – No ads

Enjoy the most exciting race game today! Download Body Race mod apk and get the full version for free.

Download Body Race [112.68 Mb]


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