Blocks vs Blocks APK 1.23

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Want a new puzzle game that lets you have more blocks? Play Blocks vs. Blocks and dominate your opponent as you get more blocks. Can you outlay and win it?

Blocks vs Blocks APK 1.23
Name Blocks vs Blocks
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.23
Size 66.26 Mb
Category Puzzle
Price Free
Google Play Link com.abuck.fluidrooms

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Puzzles are a good game to enhance your mind and pass the time. There are many puzzle games that are sure to give you a great time challenging you and giving you a mind exercise like never before. If you’re looking for a unique one, you’re in the right place. Download Blocks vs. Blocks and play a beautiful puzzle game like never before.

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Played by millions of gamers, this wonderful game of blocks is a culmination of wonderful and thoughtful game development. This seemingly simple puzzle game lets you challenge opponents into a game of wits. You’re first given an equal number of blocks at the start of the game and it’s up to you to dominate the enemy. The more blocks you have than the enemy, the better your chances of winning.

Block Your Enemies

Want to have a puzzle game that isn’t too easy but isn’t too hard either? It’s hard finding the perfect puzzle game with a good balance of difficulty these days. When you play Chess, Sodoku or other games, it feels as if it’s so difficult since they actually are. But your quest stops now thanks to Blocks vs. Blocks.

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A game of wits, here you just need to think ahead. At first, you’re given an equal number of blocks with your enemy. Then, as you progress, you need to tap on a blockade and it will fill out with your blocks naturally. But be careful as you need to outnumber your opponent’s block to win. So, you need to select where to put your blocks carefully before putting them to ensure that you’ll have more blocks at the end when you fight.

Characteristics of Blocks vs. Blocks

What comes to your minds when puzzles are mentioned? If you want a game filled with blocks, then Blocks vs. Blocks is the right game for you. This is a strategic puzzle game that lets you exercise your mind and have fun at the same time.

The concept is unique – Although puzzle games are fun, they can be repetitive for some. Even chess becomes boring after you’ve played for some time. So, if you’re looking for a new game that will let you test your mind, consider Blocks vs. Blocks. This game has one of the most unique concepts ever for a puzzle game. Basically, the goal is to outnumber the opponent in the number of blocks. But you can’t just create more blocks easily. At the start, you’re given an equal number of blocks as your opponent. Then, you’re given the first turn to choose which location you’d like to expand your blocks in. But you need to be careful as the locations aren’t equal, some have a lot of blocks you can fill in while others don’t.

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A lot of levels to challenge – With each passing level, you can face more challenges such as more blocks to fill and more enemies you will face. Overall, there are a lot of challenges that await you in this puzzle game. What are you waiting for, play it now and test your wits?

Graphics are excellent – The graphics are in 3D considering this is just a puzzle game. The developers did a wonderful job of creating a fun and challenging game.

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Easy to play and free – This game is easy to play and free! You don’t need to pay anything to download and play it as it doesn’t have any in-game currencies as well. You can receive rewards though after you finish each level.

Download Blocks vs. Blocks APK – Latest version

Blocks vs. Blocks is a truly excellent and unique puzzle game that you can play. Download the latest version now and enjoy this brain exercise.

Download Blocks vs Blocks [66.26 Mb]


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