Binemon APK 2.6.1

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If you’re looking for a new NFT game to try, download Binemon! Similar to Axie, you can earn money here by buying and selling monsters. Enjoy the game now.

Binemon APK 2.6.1
Name Binemon
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 2.6.1
Size 85.50 Mb
Category Adventure
Developer Binemon
Price Free
Google Play Link com.binemonteam.binemongame
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There have been quite a lot of games published over the past years now. While most games allow developers to earn money, today, this is all slowly changing with NFT games. Simply put, these NFT games enable players to buy and sell monsters through the help of cryptocurrencies.

The success of Axie Infinity and My Defi Pet has shown the world the capabilities of NFT games. Now, there’s a new game in town called Binemon, and it’s set to take the world by storm!

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We’ve seen the rise of NFT games in Axie Infinity and My Defi Pet for many months now. These games revolutionize the gaming world as they allow ordinary people to earn money while enjoying the game.

In Binemon, the concept is the same but with different monsters and a different cryptocurrency backing the system. Here, the game is supported by a new cryptocurrency called Draken, which players will use to earn money.

Play and earn with Binemon

There are many enjoyable games in the market that you can play today. These games are categorized into horror, action, simulation, puzzle, shooting, racing, and many more. However, there are a few games today which allow you to earn real money, albeit low.

These games are slowly changing the market, and they’re called NFT games. Today, the success of Axie Infinity and My Defi Pet has proven to the world that these games are the future. With a new game called Binemon emerging, you can enjoy these games even more.

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This new game has the same concepts as the two earlier NFT games. The game features an RPG gameplay similar to the Pokémon franchise, where you can collect and trade monsters.


The monsters here are called “Mon,” and they have eight parts that make them unique: head, body, tail, ears, face, skin, horn, and wings. Each Mon here has unique characteristics and has a fantastic value that will allow the players to earn money. They also have particular classes, ranks, and levels.

There are four races of Mons currently available in the game: Doge, Cat, Unicorn, and Titan. You can then evolve your monsters and enjoy a more substantial pet!

Features of Binemon

Since this game is similar to Axie, you’ll notice some features that they both share. Here are they:

Incredible NFT Game – The world of games is constantly evolving, as we’ve witnessed over the years. Games today are no longer straightforward games since they allow us to spend real money on virtual items we can use in the game. But this style of games is now changing, and we see a new breed of games called NFT games.

These games allow us to play and earn money by trading in-game characters with the help of cryptocurrencies. We’ve seen the success of My Defi Pet and Axie Infinity, but Binemon is a new one!

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This game has just been released, and although it’s new, it shares many features from the earlier NFT games. In simple terms, this game is an RPG that allows you to collect, breed, and sell pet monsters called Mons.

This is what allows you to earn money in the game. Aside from that, you can also play in PVP and PVE matches to gain rewards.


Breed pets – This game allows you to hatch and breed pet monsters called Mons. These can only be acquired by hatching eggs, and you’ll get a completely random monster here. These monsters are unique as they have different races, classes, and parts.

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There are races like Doge, Cat, Titan, and Unicorn and classes like Mage, Tanker, Support, Archer, and Fighter. Then, there are different parts to a Mons: Skin, Horn, Wings, Tail, Ears, Face, Head, and Body.

As you know, each Mons here is unique as a unique code backs it. Here, you can only obtain eggs by spending real money by buying DRK Coins.

Evolution and Rank System – You can raise the value of your Mons by breeding it in the game. There are three phases that every Mon will go through: Baby > Teenage > Adult.

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Then, different ranks will determine the value of a Mons: E, D, C, B, A, S, and SR. You can level up your Mons through battles and completing the Story Mode.

Buy and Sell Mons – The way you can earn money here is primarily through buying and selling Mons. You can post your Mons in the marketplace and wait for people to buy them.

PVP and PVE – This game also features a PVP mode where you can battle against real players! Then, there’s the PVE mode as well, where you can enjoy the story.

Download Binemon APK – Latest version

If you love NFT games, try Binemon today! Earn real money by buying and selling virtual pets now.

Download Binemon [85.50 Mb]


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