Asan Bash APK V1.46

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Download Asan Bash APK, a WhatsApp Tracker for Android smartphones. Asan Bash APK easily lets you track your kid's and family's WhatsApp activities.

Asan Bash APK V1.46
Name Asan Bash
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version V1.46
Size 10 MB
Category Tools
Developer Asan Bash App Team
Price Free

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Asan Bash APK

Before the invention of the mobile phones, all aspects of everyday living were carried out visually, making it simple for everybody to maintain tabs. However, in the internet world, everything is carried out online, making it impossible for individuals to keep up with the whereabouts of their family members, particularly their kids. Therefore, they require a tool that informs them of their relatives and other people's actions.

asan bash apk

Numerous functions are available, such as viewing your online presence, how long you stay using an application and various information. In addition, all the data gathered by the Asan Bash WhatsApp Tracking device can be converted into a Word document.

Either you are using WhatsApp or a decent, responsible adult who cares deeply about your kids. Then both use the Asan Bash App, a brand-new internet monitoring tool.

Description of The Asan Bash APK

The Asan Bash App allows you to keep tabs on anyone's WhatsApp activity. As a result, it is software that was developed specifically for Android mobile devices. For families who want to watch over or control their kids, it is the best option.

The Asan Bash App is an internet application for spying and watching Android devices. This substitute legitimate product's design aims to offer a safe route. Consumers of this android device can effortlessly check and manage online interactions.

Before, individuals couldn't use these internet platforms. Cell connections are mainly used by individuals for conversation. The businesses begin presenting these pleasant bundles to render the calling offerings more welcoming. Long-term phone service enjoyment will be made possible by the piles. When it comes to sharing and getting MMS messages, though. The procedure is then viewed as costly and unreasonable for smartphone users. Hence, concentrating on quick interaction.

The designers decided to incorporate these various internet networking methods here, despite those accessible internet venues. The most popular application is considered to be WhatsApp. Use of Asan Bash Android is required for people seeking to keep tabs on the actions.

Digital legality and android friendliness of the application are also examined. Now that the app has been integrated, Android users can monitor various actions. This tool can track and keep tabs on several devices. However, it can simultaneously watch a maximum of ten separate people. The software has a wide variety of functions when installed and explored. These include looking at the timeframe and internet usage. Even obtain the outcome graphically.

asan bash apk android

The program is also perfect for moms and dads and WhatsApp users alike. Mothers can now monitor their family's activities and observe the passing of time. Can quickly ascertain how long was invested on the site. If the app's premium functions appeal to you, download the Asan Bash APK.

Features of Asan Bash APK

Last spotted

The software's ability to give details about the most recent sighting is one of its most vital functions. You can obtain the precise hour and day of the last sighting here. If a person disables this functionality, the program provides users with the previous saw activity.


The current and inactive parts of every number can be found in their respective times. As a result, relaxing and enjoying bonding time is simple. You can carry additional measures if your children spend so much time.


You can easily keep an eye on Ten separate WhatsApp contacts at once. Consequently, you can use this excellent program to quickly get details on the status of the tasks and have a good time. Moreover, any number can be readily removed and replaced with another one.

Alert Notifications

You can have fun with the quick reminder warnings that are offered here. In addition, any connected individual can receive quick automatic updates from the Asan Bash APK Whatsapp Tracking system. In a related manner, this application will provide users with more details.

Here are a few of the software's main functions that you can learn and enjoy while spending valuable moments. Therefore, all you should do to have a great time is download Asan Bash latest version on your Android smartphone.

asan bash apk download

Additional options are offered to subscribers that you can readily discover and enjoy. These consist of:

  • Not registering.
  • Lack of monthly fee.
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to install
  • Internet activities are provided via connecting the application.
  • Up to ten accounts can be tracked concurrently by the program itself.
  • No external advertising is accepted.
  • For significant changes, a personal option panel has been included.
  • Simple user interaction is used.
  • It is exclusively hosted on quick processors.
  • The retrieved info will be kept on safe servers.
  • Swiping left makes it simple for users to delete accounts.
  • Even use the reminder to inform the alert when someone is available online.
  • The information will all be displayed as graphs. In addition, the duration of smartphone applications will also be shown on the chart.
  • Even when evaluating several accounts, their behaviours are visible.


This is the perfect opportunity for Android phones to utilize this new feature. And quickly retrieve the time frame, covering Online and Offline actions, with all the necessary information on the graph page. Thus, when you're ready, download Asan Bash APK App and use its advanced features.

Download Asan Bash [10 MB]


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