Arcade Hunter APK 1.15.4

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Download Arcade Hunter APK – latest version – Free for Android and experience the ultimate arcade game! Fight monsters easily with a range of weapons!

Arcade Hunter APK 1.15.4
Name Arcade Hunter
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.15.4
Size 158.68 Mb
Category Arcade
Developer ONESOFT
Price Free
Google Play Link com.hikergames.ArcadeHunter

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Arcade games have always been popular for mobile players. There are tons of things you can do in these games but most of them usually involves easy gameplay mechanics. In these games, you also have unique weapons and skills that you can use. These plus other elements make these games so enjoyable. If you’re a fan of arcade games, then you’ll love this game!


Arcade Hunter is an arcade game developed by ONESOFT which has over 500 thousand downloads in Google Play Store. In this epic game, you can upgrade your skills and hunt large herds of monsters. There are tons of weapons you can use as well and each of them have different abilities. In this game, you’ll need to go through tons of dungeons to kill monsters and earn rewards! Can you do it? Read on to learn more.

What is Arcade Hunter?

Arcade games have always been popular for most gamers. These games tend to be so much fun and fulfilling even if they don’t have much storylines. In these games, you can usually upgrade weapons and skills to fight more enemies. And you can conquer different levels to earn more rewards. If you love these types of games, you’ll love this game!


Arcade Hunter is an arcade game developed by ONESOFT. In this game, you’re going to raid monsters in tons of dungeons! You will equip yourself with weapons and skills to fight these monsters. There are tons of skills and weapons you can use and you can loot gold and new equipment each level. There are tons of things to do in this game. You can also conquer tons of levels in this game. Read on to learn more!

Features of Arcade Hunter

Arcade Hunter is an epic arcade game that allows you to raid dungeons and kill enemies! In this epic game, there are tons of levels to conquer! Here are its features:

Addictive gameplay – In Arcade Hunter, you’ll need to raid dungeons so that you can kill monsters for gold! Arcade games have always been addictive but in this game, you’ll be truly addicted to it! The gameplay is so simple, you just need to go to different dungeons and kill all the monsters there. You can use skills and weapons that are unique. You should also evade enemies as you go so you will not die. But most of all, you can really enjoy the addictive gameplay with tons of levels to conquer. Of course, there are boss battles and the difficulty will increase as you get to the next levels.


Upgrade – In Arcade Hunter, you can upgrade unique skills to fight stronger enemies! Combine your skills so that you can fight more powerful bosses in the dungeons. You can also unlock more stronger weapons so that you can fight stronger opponents. You should always be on the lookout for stronger skills to kill opponents easily. 

Heroes – In Arcade Hunter, you can also unlock epic heroes with different combat styles. They each have different weapons so you should take note of that. But in this game, the more levels you conquer, the more gold you’ll have so the more heroes you can unlock! Keep raiding dungeons to get stronger heroes!


Easy controls – In this arcade game, the controls are so easy. You can move your character using the virtual pad at the center of the screen. Then your character will automatically attack the opponents if you stop. Try to evade enemy shots to preserve your HP!

High-quality graphics – Although Arcade Hunter only allows you to see the game from the top, it has beautiful graphics! The animation, effects and the elements in this game are well-designed!

Arcade Hunter APK

Arcade Hunter is an awesome arcade game that allows you to fight monsters in dungeons! Download the unlimited money now!

Download Arcade Hunter [158.68 Mb]


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