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Information of ALTBalaji APK 2.1.9

Compatible withAndroid 5.0+
Latest version2.1.9
DeveloperALT Digital Media Entertainment Ltd
Google play link com.balaji.alt
Size19 MB
Category Entertainment

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Streaming services have been popularized in the recent years. Thanks to the demand for these services, countless streaming platforms have begun popping up everywhere. Streaming giants such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime still takes the biggest pieces of the pie in terms of subscribers. However, what if you want to watch local movies and shows on a streaming app?


ALTBalaji is an on-demand streaming app that has over 10 million downloads in Google Play Store alone. This app features all the movies and shows that you love from Bollywood. So, if you can’t find your favorite series elsewhere, tune in to ALTBalaji! Aside from that, there are many features this app offers that rivals those of the streaming giants. If you’re curious, read on below to find out!

What is ALTBalaji?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past years, you’ve probably heard of streaming platforms such as Netflix and Hulu. Who doesn’t, when they’re available to almost all countries worldwide! And they provide excellent services for those looking to watch their favorite movies and tv shows. But the only problem with these is that it doesn’t have local shows!

Thankfully, there are streaming apps such as ALTBalaji! This streaming app is a popular one among Indians with over 10 million downloads in Google Play Store. But even if you’re not an Indian but a fan of Bollywood, ALTBalaji is the app for you! In here, you can watch thousands of Bollywood movies and tv shows without stop! You will never again miss another episode of your favorite show on T.V. thanks to ALTBalaji.


Aside from that, you can stream all episodes in HD! You can even download them for offline consumption. But as with streaming apps such as Netflix, ALTBalaji also tailors content according to your preferences. This gives you ultimate convenience and power over the media you consume. ALTBalaji also allows you to stream movies up to 5 devices. This means you can share your account with your family and friends for maximum enjoyment. As long as you paid the subscription fee, you can watch all the movies and tv shows you can consume all month long!

Features of ALTBalaji

ALTBalaji is a powerful streaming app that allows you to watch countless Bollywood classics and modern videos! Thanks to this app, you’ll never miss another episode of your favorite T.V. show! Here are its features:

Watch in HD – Sure you can watch your shows anywhere on the internet but it doesn’t guarantee that you can watch it in HD! Or you can just watch on T.V. but you can’t control what they’re showing. This means that you’re stuck with whatever they’re currently airing. But nowadays, gone are the days when we would wait for movies and shows to air on T.V. Now, we can watch them all on-demand! No limits and in full HD! Enjoy your favorite videos without any interruptions such as commercials as well.


Huge collection of media – If you’re a fan of Bollywood, you know that they release a lot of movies and tv shows a lot. Sure, you can watch them on the internet but you’d have to spend hours scouring through countless sites just to find some episodes. But thanks to modern technology, streaming apps such as ALTBalaji was created. In this app, you can watch thousands of movies and T.V. shows that are updated frequently. This ensures that you get the first glance at the newest releases straight from India! If you’re also a fan of the classics, rest assured that ALTBalaji has it for you! Just search for it on the app and enjoy movies and series you’ve come to love. Since ALTBalaji has a huge collection, they probably have what you’re looking for!

Download – Aside from these, ALTBalaji knows that you can’t have access to the internet 24/7. Whatever the reason is, ALTBalaji allows you to download your favorite movies and T.V. show episodes for offline consumption! This means that you don’t have to worry about not having an internet connection just to watch! You can now enjoy watching anywhere you are in the world. Just save your favorite videos offline with a touch of a button. That’s how simple it is, no need for a third-party app.


Fresh movies and T.V shows – The beauty of having a streaming app is that it allows you to see all the fresh movies and T.V. shows within the app. This means that you’re never going to be late when there are new releases as the app updates frequently. This is groundbreaking compared to watching in T.V. where you don’t even know if the show is new or not. Plus, ALTBalaji tailors content to the user so you will find related content just by watching! This means that related movies and shows will start popping up in your recommended feed after watching them.

5 devices – What good is a movie or a tv show if you can’t share them with friends or family right? Thanks to ALTBalaji, you can now allow up to 5 devices to use the same account! Even if your friend or family is in another place, just share your login info and he/she can watch movies/shows without limits! This is revolutionary as you are essentially paying for the price of one that you can use on 5 devices.


Clean user interface – ALTBalaji has a clean user interface that’s comparable to the likes of Netflix! This means that you don’t have to worry about using this app as it’s as straightforward as it can be. The minimal design allows you to search for your movies with ease. You don’t have to worry about lagging as well as the app runs smoothly on all devices.

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